For ages 18-30

Young adults should know how important their role is in the Kingdom of God and to APC! We stand side-by-side with young adults who are at a crossroad in their life, helping to seek out and pursue their calling in Christ.

Our close-knit group of 18-30 year olds funnels their energy, ideas, creativity, and passion into reality, by teaching, leading, and equiping each other for all of life's challenges and opportunities.

Hyphen Retreat

A gathering of young adults (18-30) from across the state of Illinois typically held in May. Young people attend sessions regarding life issues, and partake in a variety of fun activities including: high-ropes, volleyball, basketball, etc.

Hyphen Trip

An annual overnight trip to engage in sight-seeing, fellowship, and fun activities. This is a way for young adults to get away from their normal everyday life.

APC Youth Week 

Our Youth Week is a time we set aside usually in the month of March to bring together our young people from both the Remix and Hyphen for a short getaway. It gives students the opportunity to grow collectively as a unit and to rededicate themselves to God.

North American Youth Congress

NAYC is an every other year gathering of all the UPC youth in the nation (roughly 18,000 of them!). Bringing us all together in one of the nations larger cities to lift up and praise the name of Jesus. It is a fun filled time with lots of memories and lots of Jesus.

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