What started as a small church off Market street more than 80 years ago, is now an ever-active and growing part of the Bloomington/Normal community. At APC, we are excited about where we have come from, who we are now, and more importantly where God is going to lead us next! Our services are full of vibrant worship, singing, and preaching and we sincerely enjoy gathering together in fellowship with God's people. Come to experience a move of God like never before and an opportunity to worship Him in spirit and in truth.


Not sure what to expect?

Sometimes, trying a new place can be a little daunting. You never know what to expect or who you will meet. And let's face it, nobody wants to feel like an oddball of the bunch. APC resonates with a welcoming, family-like atmosphere, where you quickly find yourself feeling less like a guest and more like a member of our family. If you'd prefer to 'try before you buy', why don't you take a moment and watch one of our services online. Then, when you're ready, we invite you to come and worship with us


Stepping into the presence of God is unlike anything else that you can experience in life. It's far deeper than joining a church or attending a Sunday morning service. It's something that encompasses you and guides you. IT'S A NEW LIFE—a new you. And once you take that first step, it'll be hard to imagine that you ever spent a day without experiencing Jesus for yourself.


There are many opinions on the proper way to salvation, yet the Bible is very clear on God's plan for our lives. A new life begins with repentance, baptism, and the infilling of His Holy Spirit.


START HERE  Jesus died on the cross for each and every one of us. We follow Him in death through repentance. Meaning, we "die out" to our self, our past, and our sins.

When we repent, we are committing to turn away from—do a 180° about-face from the way we were living. This commitment is key to repentance and it happens deep within our hearts. There will be times when we regress and fail, but staying committed means we can pick ourselves up and try again.


IN JESUS NAME Jesus was buried after death on the cross. We follow Him in burial by baptism through immersion, in the name of Jesus Christ. The Bible commands us to do everything (word or deed) in the name of Jesus Christ.

The remission (or taking away) of our sins occurs during baptism through obedience to His Word and faith in His name.


GOD LIVING WITHIN US  On the third day, Jesus rose and ascended into Heaven. But he didn't leave us alone. He left a promise that he would send a Comforter to help us live a holy life, in accordance with His Word.

Receiving the Holy Ghost (evidenced by speaking in other tongues) is an essential part of our salvation and prepares us for the resurrection. In the simplest terms, it's simply God living within us, continually guiding us towards the right direction.