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Apostolic Pentecostal Church School Review 2021 Vision

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

 Mission Statement: To create a spiritually safe environment for God’s children where they can be equipped with an excellent education for the purpose of becoming godly leaders in our world.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 1:4KJV

Our mission statement will be visible throughout the school, and it will influence all of our plans and strategies to equip our students. The goal is to be a private school that practices what it preaches and provides a positive learning environment.

Below, in question-and-answer format, is our best effort to describe what the vision of our Apostolic school will be, if God opens the door for us to pursue it. Currently, our anticipated start date is in the Fall of 2022.

What group of students is this new school targeting? The possible new school at APC is for all students whose parents are seeking godly based teaching inside a normal school day.  Students will be asked to memorize scripture, encouraged to participate in Bible based discussions, and be present for weekly chapel meetings while also attending their regular, daily classroom studies. Prior to acceptance, each student will be interviewed and asked a series of simple questions to determine student competency levels.

Unfortunately, after careful discussion and consideration, we will be unable to accommodate special needs at this time. Please help us pray for these needs to be filled in the near future.

What are the anticipated costs associated with becoming a student?  Similar to many private schools in the Bloomington/Normal area, there will be anticipated costs associated to having a student(s). Amounts have not been determined, but parents should anticipate the following:

  • Registration Fees
  • Tuition
  • Late Fees
  • Optional Before/After School costs (applied after registration, tuition, and late fees). 

The anticipated tuition per student can be assumed to be $4000-$6000 for a 10-month school year. This does not include before or after school fees, nor any additional student discounts.

What curriculum is being considered?  The leading option is the ABEKA Christian curriculum. This is a renowned curriculum in the private school, preschool, and home school setting.  Since its start in 1972, over 1 million students have used ABEKA to complete their High School diploma requirements. According to ABEKA’s statistical research, students taught from this curriculum have been accepted into prestigious colleges and gone on to serve the Lord in demanding careers. For more detailed information about this curriculum, please visit

Will there be qualified/licensed classroom teachers?  The ABEKA curriculum allows flexibility when considering teaching staff. We understand the need for qualified/licensed teachers and our long-term goal is to be fully staffed with licensed teachers who are passionately preparing robust and exciting teaching plans daily.  However, during our start up years, we may have some teacher assistants/monitors (non-licensed) that assist students in performing their learning through ABEKA long-distance learning. ABEKA requires their teachers to have obtained, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree to teach their curriculum.  Understanding that the education of our children is top priority, APC is dedicated to finding the best solution to allow our children to gain educational excellence in their early years.  Our teachers will be expected to display and instill a love for education that forms a lifestyle of learning for those they teach.  We also recognize the need for the student to be supported socially and emotionally.

What influenced the decision to begin reviewing the possibility of starting an APC School? Prior to 2020, many prayers and discussions took place concerning the possibility of a school at APC. God’s timing is always the best timing and as the events of 2020 unfolded and other state teacher and student curriculum requirements/guidelines began to be implemented, Pastor and the committee have felt led to begin this feasibility study again. Please join us in praying over the future school of APC.

Will before & afterschool care services be offered? Before & After School services are being considered.

Will there be dress code guidelines?  In the best interest of our children, we think uniforms are the best policy.

Will this school be accredited?  The ABEKA curriculum serves as an accredited curriculum program and students will obtain an accredited High School diploma upon completion of the twelfth grade, should they accomplish this at the APC School.  For more information on the State of Illinois Private School regulations, please visit the Illinois State Private School Regulations page.

Where will the classes be held?  Our current plans are to do major renovations to our current Student Center, and house most students there.  We have the ability with our new Community Center to hold classes there.

Will current technology be used and taught?  We plan to have new computers and be equipped with the latest technology to assure our students are not limited when it comes to resources.

What type of exercise and recreation will be available? Our ten acres campus, new outdoor playground, and Community Center with indoor playground and an arcade will all be used to allow students exercise and fun!

What safety provisions will there be for the new school?  APC will have very strict policies on locked facilities and security cameras.

What will be the teacher/student ratio?  We plan to have a maximum ratio of 12 to 1, overcrowding is unacceptable and not in line with our goals. The needs of the children will drive the decision process.

What will the classrooms be like?  The children will be in a nurturing, well-structured, modern, and clean environment.

Will the school have and teach discipline to the children?  Yes, discipline and accountability are important to the educational environment and will be administered with love and with parental assistance.

Will there be music training?  We are planning to have volunteer teachers come to our campus and individually teach piano, keyboard, and other musical instruments.

Will there be ministers and Bible teachers that speak to and teach the Bible to the children?  Yes

Will the APC School allow/encourage parental involvement?  Yes, we believe in the regular communication of progress and problems.   Partnering with parents in the educational process is extremely valuable and our smaller class size will allow for this teamwork.

Will a foreign language be part of the curriculum?  Although a foreign language is in the future vision, we anticipate this being added after our first three years.

If you are interested in joining our feasibility study, please complete the APC School Survey of Interest form.