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The Power of the Spoken Word

I’ve just recently discovered the wonderful invention of sleep machines. I don’t know where they’ve been all my life. Who knew listening to something while sleeping can actually promote...

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I Think Myself Happy

Many of us are still wandering around the second week of the year with a small haze from New Year’s Eve—deflating balloons cowering in corners, ribbon curls tucked under...

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Just Grab a Bowl

At least once a year, my family celebrates our German heritage by cooking spätzle. I’ve heard many stories over the years about my Great-Grandmother (Oma) in the kitchen, heartily...

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He’s a Keeper

It was a normal day—what day isn’t?—as I found myself behind the wheel of my car, in traffic again, awaiting the light to turn green. Being the anti-driver that...

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Livestream: Side Steps

January 15, 2017 / Brother Josh Linton