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A Frog in the Road

The day was drawing to a close. The dishes from the evening meal were washed and put away. The last beams of sunlight were dancing across the horizon and...

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The Andon Cord

Not long ago, I started working in a different division within my company. To become more familiar with the work, I began reading a book called The DevOps Handbook....

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Be First

Being first is an interesting concept. As a child, you want to be first in everything—standing in line, receiving a snack, playing with a toy, taking a ride, and...

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The Bottle Blunder

I’m a very punctual person. I was raised with the understanding: to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to...

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Watch: Don’t Waste Your Memorial

September 08, 2019 / Pastor Pollard