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Let Him Out

Years ago, I moved into an apartment and was in need of a few items. One, of which, was a vacuum cleaner. Before long, I was bequeathed one, and...

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The Dryer Sheet

I’ve been on a never-ending “man-hunt” the last decade for a household item, which presence eludes me at every turn. It’s none other than the common, dryer sheet. I’m...

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An Eel About Your Feet

Earlier this year, I took a trip down to the Caribbean. Each morning—English muffin in hand—I’d stroll down the beach, wade thigh-deep into the clear waters, and feed the...

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His Image

Conformed to His Image God had a plan to restore man after the fall in the Garden. Jesus Christ came to show us His image and model to follow...

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Watch: Don’t Waste Your Memorial

September 08, 2019 / Pastor Pollard