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Scars of Shame

Shame. The weight of it is crippling. The pain of it is excruciating. The longevity of it is unceasing. The scars of it are humiliating. We all bear it—in...

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The Spread of Gangrene

It’s winter, and it’s cold. This is normal and supposed to happen, although I don’t like it. When I step outside my warm home into sub-zero temperatures, the cold...

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The Oven Cleaning

No one can prepare you for the aftermath of an oven cleaning. If Mike Row, from the TV show “Dirty Jobs” is looking for his next episode spotlight, I’ve...

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Heads I Win; Tails You Lose

If I’ve learned anything in my years on the planet, it’s that sibling rivalry never dies. But, as a caveat, I’ll add that the rivalry takes a new form...

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Messages: The Promise that You Can’t Break

February 16, 2020 / Greg Wilhelm