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Separated for Song

On Sunday mornings, most of us just roll out of bed at the last minute, rush to get ourselves and our children ready, speed to church, and arrive just...

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Travail Never Ends

It was another typical night in our college Biology class. We were learning about something science-related (clearly, I’ve blocked this life-changing experience from my mind). And, over the course...

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Outside the Lines

It was another ordinary trip in the van to visit our grandparents, and my sister and I were coloring to keep ourselves occupied. There I was, struggling to keep...

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The Authority of the Word of God in Your Life

The Struggle to Submit Many of us say we believe in the Word of God, we study it, and know it’s true. But, there are those who still refuse...

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Livestream: Are You Caesar’s or God’s?

April 22, 2018 / Brother Brent Coltharp