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A Joyful Noise

The houselights are dimmed; stifled coughs echo through the auditorium. Somewhere over the sound system, music begins to play. Then, soft waves of shuffled footsteps crest your ears, eventually...

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The End Times: Part VII

This week marks the end of our series on the Book of Revelation and the End Times. Last week, we discussed the first (Antichrist) and second (false prophet) beasts,...

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Do You Believe in Unicorns?

Have you ever met one of those people who never accept anything said to them at face-value? They need a fact, figure, statistical report, chart, or pivot table to...

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The End Times: Part VI

Last week, our study of the Book of Revelation and the End Times overviewed what will happen to the church after the rapture—our physical appearance/capabilities and our judgment before...

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Sunday Morning: Eternal Weight

June 12, 2016 / Pastor Nave