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Our Spiritual GPS

Traveling today is an entirely different experience than it used to be. When I was younger, my parents would get out a map and chart our course of travel—outlining...

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Breaking the Enemy’s Code

In the early 1920s, due to the aftermath of World War I, the German military began to use an “Enigma” machine to communicate in unintelligible, coded messages. The Enigma...

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The Gospel of John: Part II

As we continue on in our journey of the book of John, we see John doesn’t provide accounts of Jesus in chronological order, but depicts snapshots of His life....

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The Importance of Forgiveness

The concept of holding grudges hits close to home for everyone. We’ve all struggled with it at one point in time. If you haven’t yet, just wait—your time’s coming....

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Sunday Morning: Fighting for Your Marriage

September 04, 2016 / Pastor Nave