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The Four Chairs of Proverbs

Making Mistakes We all make mistakes. And it’s easy for us to see the mistakes of others, especially when we’ve made them ourselves! The Bible helps us determine right...

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The Universal Word

I’m an avid reader and I long for others to be as well. Therefore, I’m a huge solicitor of books—if you have a topic, problem, interest, etc., I’ve got...

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On Hold

When traveling away from home for an extended period of time, I always take advantage of the the handy-dandy hold mail service our US post office provides. There’s no...

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The Packing Checklist

I have a packing checklist for every occasion imaginable: conferences, vacations, weekends, one-nighters, and more. It’s organized by day and evening clothes, exercise clothes (and accessories), toiletries (pre-determined by...

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Messages: The Dangers of Looking Backwards

February 03, 2019 / Pastor Nave