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Kindled Fire

At a young age, I remember a teacher taking my class on a fieldtrip. Part of our excursion was studying how to become “one” with nature. The practicality of...

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Discovery Moments

It was in my most recent past when I faced the greatest failure of my life. I’m not putting a label on myself, but am being purely transparent that...

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Unfamiliar Manna

I sat there on the bench, side-by-side with my piano teacher. “I don’t know how to play this passage,” I exclaimed, fully exasperated. “I need you to play it...

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Mind the Gap

In 1969, the London Underground coined the phrase “mind the gap.” This phrase, when uttered, was to remind (and warn) public transit system passengers to pay attention to the...

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Messages: God’s Intention to Astonish Us

May 21, 2020 / Pastor Nave