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Savory Sweets

It’s fall—I absolutely love this time of year. There are festive pumpkin and leaf decorations, beautiful colors in nature, crisp weather, and wonderful sweets. Fall is the time for...

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Web Warriors

I don’t consider myself a runner, but I run from time to time. My preferred running environment is indoors, where it’s climate controlled, I have access to a water...

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His Message is Our Message

In conclusion of our segmented series on the Imitation of Christ, our last lesson is about how Jesus’ message is our message. Have we ever considered what Jesus’ message...

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See a Need, Fill a Need

Every time I take any personality or aptitude assessment—such as Myers-Briggs, PACE Palette, or one very similar—I always get the same results. No matter my age, they’re all the...

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Livestream: What Holds You Back?

October 15, 2017 / Pastor Nave