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The Gospel of John: Part V

Our lesson in the Book of John continues with the study of Chapter 6. John continues to give his readers snapshots of Jesus’ life, and in this chapter he...

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Flake or Snow?

Do you know someone who feels immense joy during the first snowfall of the year? It always amazes me how people literally stop everything they’re doing when the sky...

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Just an Inkblot

I was a sickly child and spent a lot of time sitting or lying down during my early years. When I got bored—which was pretty often—I would devise ways...

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The Next Step of Thanksgiving

Turkey Day. Happy Harvest. Cornucopia of Blessings. Gobble ‘til You Wobble. Turkey Tribute. Thanksgiving. Whatever you call the holiday tomorrow, it’s a time of food, friends, family, and giving...

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