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The Bottle Blunder

I’m a very punctual person. I was raised with the understanding: to be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to...

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The Window of Opportunity

Earlier this year, the Midwest experienced a season of excessive rain. Normally, the general population moans and groans about the overcast and darkened skies. But, this year, the sounds...

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It’s Free

Free. There’s something about the word that tingles my ears and excites my mind. This delight hasn’t subsided as I’ve grown older but only increased. I like free stuff...

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There’s No I Told You So

Do you like being right? I know I do. There’s great satisfaction in knowing what you said is true. For a brief time in my work history, I was...

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Watch: Don’t Waste Your Memorial

September 08, 2019 / Pastor Pollard