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When God Sends a Lion

I. Don’t. Like. Spiders. There’s a lot I could say about my strong aversion to arachnids, but I’ll just give you the highlights. If I’m about to walk into...

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The Power of a Testimony

A Testimony by Any Other Name… Testify means to declare publicly, to make known, to state of affirm, validate, bear witness to, or provide evidence for. True testimonies are...

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The Valley of Blood

II Kings 3 describes how the Nation of Israel was challenged by the king of Moab. They sought advice from the prophet Elisha. God moved upon Elisha to tell...

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How Can it Be?

I remember when I was in preschool I was given 2 tickets to see a play at church. I was excited to be at the church for a non-preschool...

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Livestream: He’s With Us

April 11, 2017 / Pastor Nave