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Hurting Before Healing

I remember the day I sat in the doctor’s office, letting the words of my physician digest somewhere in my brain. She was telling me I needed to be...

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As I child I remember learning early on that seemingly innocent and harmless remarks (as a statement or a question), could actually be the worse thing you could say....

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Practical Holiness: Christian Liberty

The Call to Liberty As born-again Christians, we have been called unto liberty (freedom) (Galatians 5:13). However, sometimes people use this freedom to throw out God’s moral law in...

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It’s Not All About the Cookies

There are people who tell time by clocks, stars, weather, or the seasons. But, there’s another group of people in the world who chart the year by one specific...

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Livestream: Beginnings: A Season of Change

September 17, 2018 / Pastor Josh Linton