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It was late in the afternoon when my sister and I stumbled across a foreign object in our backyard. What it was or where it came from, we had...

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Finding Dessert in the Stress

It wasn’t too long ago, I found myself in the long return line at IKEA. If you’ve been there, I’m sorry—but you know what I’m alluding to. If you...

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King of the Rock

Atop a disgusting place (for most of the world) was where I fought to be growing up. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the worst place. But, I highly sought to...

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The Taste of Living Water

My preferred beverage of choice? Water. Room temperature. No ice. Just plain, old water. I’ve never understood people who don’t like water. Their biggest complaint? It has no taste....

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March 22, 2020 / Pastor Nave