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Your Untold Miracle

Disease. Sickness. Illness. Infection. These are all terms we don’t like to hear, but they all are all a part of our daily lives. We’re human, and we’re frail....

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The Potter’s Wheel

When I was in junior high school, the educational administration desired all students obtain a well-rounded education. So, every 6 weeks, we would rotate 1 class in our daily...

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Where’s Your Citizenship?

Someone I know recently shared a picture of our fifth grade elementary school class for the entire world to see. I was immediately embarrassed reflecting on the awkward, innocent,...

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Our Spiritual GPS

Traveling today is an entirely different experience than it used to be. When I was younger, my parents would get out a map and chart our course of travel—outlining...

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Sunday Morning: Fighting for Your Marriage

September 04, 2016 / Pastor Nave