Your Spiritual Footprint

by APC on August 09, 2017

I was somewhat of an English major in college and was required to take various courses to earn a degree—technical writing, Web design, publishing, literature, non-fiction, and other great classes. But, there was one class to which I had the utmost disdain. It was poetry.

I really don’t like poetry. I don’t care for writing poems, and I loathe reading them. Trying to figure out what someone is attempting to convey via a mixture of sentence structures (or lack thereof), messed-up syntax, incorrect punctuation, and the like is not something I want to expend massive amounts of energy doing.

However, even with my unfavorable opinion (and comprehension) of poetry, I recently came across a poem I found somewhat interesting. (Notice I said interesting, not enjoyable.)

Of what I could comprehend from the poem, its words confirmed a few thought-provoking truths God had been dealing with me about in my prayer time. God had spoken to me about the concept of spiritual footprints. So, it was no coincidence to me that I “stumbled” across a poem about footprints during this time. (Just in case you needed a gentle reminder—God’s not the Author of confusion.)

In this poem, the author wrote about how our footsteps are marks on the earth of who we either are or once were. To me, this poem stated incredible truths about our footprints, but my spirit was stirred to see the truths it revealed about the spiritual footprints we leave behind.

But, as I’ve clearly stated before, I wasn’t going to find all my answers in a poem…

The concept of a spiritual footprint seemed pretty expansive to me, so with all things I desire to learn more about, I set out to research the foundational building blocks (or definition) of a “footprint.” And, I discovered what I had already suspected—our footprints are not just physical or tangible. Footprints can be:

  • An impression on the foot of a surface
  • A marked effect, impression, or impact
  • An area on a surface covered by something
  • Something that identifies: a genetic footprint

Our lives and how we live them all fashion a series of footprints we leave everywhere. But, our spiritual lives leave quite a different footprint on the earth, others, and in our own lives.

God may not be checking the mark our feet make in the physical realm (I Samuel 16:7), but the world definitely is watching to see the kind of footprints we leave behind.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a journey of discovery. This journey will not only leave footprints on our lives, but we’ll be able to take a moment to sit back and reflect on the footprints we’ve left in this life. And, we’ll be able to decide which footprints we want to leave in the future.

I invite you to pray with me for God to uncover His truths about our spiritual footprints. Let’s search our hearts to determine if our spiritual footprints need a little reshaping or cleaned up. Who knows what God will reveal to us before next week’s post.