You Don’t Need a Spoon Full of Medicine

by APC on May 17, 2017

When my sister was younger, she had a Fisher-Price doctor’s kit. My parents have home videos of her attending to her “patients” in the basement of our home—a teddy bear with a splinted leg, a pink rabbit with a fever, and a new patient (my father) recently admitted to her ward.

Film captured my sister’s caregiver eccentricities, and limited diagnostic skills, while trying to help my “wounded” father. After clocking my father in the shin with a tiny plastic mallet, trying to force a child-size wrist band aid upon him—pulling a few precious arm hairs—and jamming a plastic thermometer under his arm, my dad’s “owes” echoed in the air.

With a concerned look in her eye about her seemingly terminal patient, she cooed, “Don’t be scared, I’ll be right back.” She took off to the other side of the basement, whipped out an empty cinnamon spice container, and returned with a critical dose of “medicine” for her precious patient. “Here, take this,” she said. “You’ll be better soon.”

From the time we’re young, we’re trained through toys, advertisements, and general practice to seek the help of doctors for our ailments and various medicines for cures. It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction for most of us—grabbing the Tylenol for a headache and heading to the doctor when we’re sick.

There are even examples of people in Scripture who had issues in their body and sought physicians immediately. Asa sought a doctor for his diseased feet (II Chronicles 16:2), and a woman with an issue of blood solicited the care of physicians for 12 years, all of whom were unable to help her (Mark 5:25). Getting medical help is common—it’s what people do.

A Sister came to our church a few years back and preached how we forget who God is. Scripture tells us He is a healer and is our Great Physician (Psalms 103:3). But, with the God of all the universe at our disposal, we don’t go to Him when we need a healing. Instead of trying God first, we use Him as a last resort, or sometimes don’t seek Him at all.

Asa never sought the Lord for a healing and died with his disease being “exceedingly great.” He could have lived to reign over Israel for many more years; history could have been written much differently if He had taken his need to the true Healer.

Humankind tried to help to woman with the issue for blood. And, she kept going back to them for 12, long years of her life. But, the moment she sought the Lord, she received an immediate healing.

Some of us live each day with a condition that requires us to take medication and see doctors about on a continual basis. It may be because we’ve never asked the Lord to heal us. We’ve put our trust in man instead. There are also some of us who would have been healed years ago if we went to God with our ailment first instead of trying everything else.

Have we all given God an opportunity to work in our lives? Have we given Him the opportunity to work, first? I extend the same challenge to you, which this dear sister shared with our church: the next time you have a headache, don’t reach for the Tylenol. The next time you’ve got high blood pressure, don’t run to the hospital. Don’t grab that spoon full of medicine.

Pray first and take your need to the greatest Healer this world has ever known. He won’t need to take time to diagnose the issue, try a few care methods, or have to leave you. He’ll prescribe a dose of His presence that I promise will work every time.