Workout: Round 2

by APC on February 21, 2018

I’m an avid exerciser. Yes, I’m one of those people others look at with disdain and quote I Timothy 4:8 (For bodily exercise profits little…). But, I exercise for various reasons, and when I exercise, I exercise hard.

I have one exercise DVD that’s broken up into segments. You’re supposed to do all of them at the same time, one right after the other. But, if I do what they want me to do, I’m absolutely dying in the last exercise. But, if I split it up, and do the last exercise at a later time after I’ve rested, it’s much easier.

But, the workout guru on the DVD makes me guilty every time I wait to complete the last segment. He says, “Anyone can work out when they’re fresh.” (It’s almost as if he knows…)

Ah, who cares?!? If I’m exhausted, and literally screaming at the end of my workout, why not wait to come back and do it again when I’m rested and it’s easier?

Okay—you might need to do this when you work out, but this doesn’t hold true in all areas of your life. Not sure? I’ll show you.

In our walk with God, we’re in a constant battle against our flesh and struggling to survive life’s trials. But, there comes a point in all of our work, pushing, straining, and effort against that one thing, we feel like we’re going to break. Like me at the end of my workout, we’re screaming because we can’t go any farther, and we don’t have any energy or life left in us to do it.

God’s direction for us to fight that battle and win isn’t like my exercise regimen. God knows we’re not going to be able to fight that battle in our weakened state. The more we try, the weaker and more fatigued we become. He’s not barking at us like a drill sergeant saying, “Go, go, go!” He’s saying, “Stop, and rest with Me.”

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength (Isaiah 40:29, KJV).

Scripture tells us God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. When we’re in the midst of our battle and we can’t fight any longer, God’s telling us to stop and rest. Stop and read the Word for a bit. Stop and pray for a while. Stop and experience the refreshing of the Holy Ghost.

It’s after we’ve read the Bible, prayed, and been filled with the Holy Spirit, we’re rejuvenated and geared up again with a renewed strength to fight. And, when we return to the same battle, we’ll find that same flesh, same obstacle, or same adversary much easier to overcome.

When you’ve been in the presence of the Lord, you’ll face your problem with a greater power. What seemed impossible becomes possible! What seemed too heavy becomes light as a feather! What seemed like the greatest mountain is now a mere bump in the road!

Don’t approach your daily walk like the way the world desires—don’t push until you can’t push any more. God does want us to fight, but He also wants us to take water breaks with Him. It’s only then do the words of the exercise guru hold true in your spiritual life: “Anyone can work out when they’re fresh.” Amen, Brother!

Your flesh, the devil, or fiery trial better watch out because you’ve got a new power and anointing behind your spiritual muscles. I promise you’ll be able to fight and win when you come back for round 2.