Rev. Willis A Kessinger

The Apostolic Pentecost Church

Rev. Willis A Kessinger assumed the pastorate of the Apostolic Temple following the passing of Rev. Mertie Connour on January 11, 1958, reopening the doors of the church at 1101 W Market Street, as the Apostolic Pentecost Church. Pastor Kessinger and his wife, Dorothy, teamed together to grow the church through anointed preaching and teaching.

The Kessingers became adopted parents to multiple generations over a span of 30 years. Their friendly southern charm endeared them to many and made all feel at home and part of the church family. They mentored young ministers within and without their congregation who have gone on to pastor their own churches.

Due to the age and maintenance of the building at 1101 W Market Street, the congregation desired a new facility and bought two acres of land on the south side of Bloomington in the late 1970s. Funds were raised to start construction on the new building now located at 2810 Tractor Lane. The Apostolic Pentecost Church moved into their new home in January 1979. Pastor Kessinger continued to pastor another decade before the Lord called him home. His wife, Dorothy, remained an active member and encouragement to APC until her passing in August 2012.

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