Who We Are

Yesterday, today, and the future.
At APC, we are excited about where we have come from, who we are now, and more importantly where God is going to lead us next! We are living in a new season for Christ!

Establishing Our Roots

The Apostolic Pentecostal Church was founded in the early 1930s by Rev. Silas Sanders, initially named the Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ. Over the years, the church has relocated from its original site on 812 W Market Street to 2810 Tractor Lane. Transitioning through anointed leadership, the church resides under the pastorate of Rev. Bradley Nave.

After growing up under the leadership of his father Bishop James E Nave, Rev. Nave returned to APC after pastoring in St. Louis and Maryland Heights, MO to assume senior pastoral responsibilities in 2005. Rev. Nave and his wife Krista continue to pastor APC today, carrying the torch of many previous generations in spreading God’s word to the Bloomington/Normal community.

Rev. Nave has launched new ministries in the past seven years of church operation. An onsite food pantry was initiated in 2008, and is currently in operation, serving the Bloomington/Normal community bi-weekly. The food pantry has recently grown to providing Bible studies to various families before distribution times. Additionally, a renewed bus ministry launched the same year routing children and young adults to services on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

Children’s ministry is growing in the church, birthing its first-ever Vacation Bible School the summer of 2008 that continues today. The Children’s Chapel has grown exponentially in the past few years, expanding services to a new wing of the church. Youth ministries are exploding as well, launching new ministry focus groups: Remix for junior and senior high youth, and Outlet for young adults ages 18–30.

The church was blessed to complete construction and renovation on the lower level of the building in the summer of 2012, establishing a new Fellowship Hall, classrooms, and Children’s Chapel. Expanding its doors to the surrounding community, APC has become a Safe Zone for the neighboring school, Cedar Ridge, and continues to work in close partnership with the school’s PTO, providing benevolence efforts for underprivileged children and families.

Rev. Nave continues to grow the next generation of ministry through Ministry Manna and anticipates nurturing a daughter work in Normal within the next 10 years.