Whistle While You Work

by APC on March 23, 2016

Do you remember the last time your mom had to remind you to pick up your room, empty the dish washer, or mow the lawn? Was she forced to use extraordinary measures to give you a little incentive?

For some of you, that’s not too hard to forget because it just happened yesterday—and I’m not just talking to the kids here. Doing chores, even the less favorable ones, are a part of life. It’s a continual process: once you’re done, you might as well start over again because whatever it is, needs to be done again.

I love to clean and organize, find folding laundry soothing, but cannot stand cooking—or even worse—cleaning my bathroom. To me the former results in a cleaner/picked-up space, and the latter result in an even greater mess.

But, I can make the “unfavorable” work seem light and joyful when I sing and/or listen to music. The old adage “whistle while you work” comes into play (though I sing or hum instead of whistle); my spirits are lifted and the task seems less arduous than before.

For some, any type of work is unpleasant. Our displeasure stems farther outside of the home perimeter and seeps into the classroom or our jobs. We may not like to work because it’s hard, or we don’t like our environment, or we don’t get along with our boss. Whatever the reason, we’re bound not to like something about the concept of work—and no amount of whistling is going to help.

It’s easy to get into a grumpy mode when we’re working in a capacity we don’t like. We might complete our work with less enthusiasm and maybe less quality compared to when we work on something we actually enjoy. But here’s a thought:

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men (Colossians 3:23, KJV).

Scripture tells us that no matter what we do—mopping the floor, picking up the kid’s toys, a class homework assignment, year-end projection report, sales pitch, etc.—we do it for God and not for anyone else, including ourselves.

If we think right now about the quality of work we output in everything we do, is it “God quality?” Do we work unto the Lord in all things? If God graded our work ethic, would we get a passing grade?

You may ask, “How does this relate to cleaning toilets?” I don’t have the ultimate answer, but I do know when we do everything as unto the Lord, we work with the ability God gave us—not everyone is blessed with the ability to clean a toilet. Think about that. Because God gave us the complete ability to clean a toilet, we should do it unto the Lord as a form of worship—thanking Him for the privilege. And, we also should be thankful that we have a toilet to even clean!

When we work hard at whatever we do, we show the Lord honor, and we give Him the glory He deserves. We also show contentment with what He has placed in our life (I Timothy 6:6). If you work with all your heart, strength, mind, soul God will reward you for it. And, when you put a little whistle (praise) with that work…just taste and see (Psalm 34:8).