Web Warriors

by APC on October 04, 2017

I don’t consider myself a runner, but I run from time to time. My preferred running environment is indoors, where it’s climate controlled, I have access to a water bottle, there’s fan blowing in my face—you know the works. The true UNrunning experience. However, occasionally, during certain times of the year, I’ll run outside. But, this is only after I’ve given myself a pep talk, outlined a course, and mustered up enough courage to face the bugs.

There’s nothing like running right into a spider web and having no one there to spot the spider going for a ride on your head for the next 15 minutes. And then, not to realize it’s there until it slowly drops down the side of your face—to which you assume is a bead of sweat—but later to discover that it most definitely is not.

Have you ever seen anyone run and/or walk into a spider web? They’re trolling along and then out of nowhere they start flailing every which direction, bending at awkward angles, pulling every muscle known to mankind, and then batting at themselves like they’ve done something wrong. I’ve dubbed this the spider dance. I can spot “the dance” 20 miles away, in light rain, and a little bit of haze. And, if I’m on my game, I can even pinpoint the type of web the individual’s walked into. Yes, I’m that good (you should see my badge).

We’ve all been there. We look ridiculous, freaked out, but have every valid reason to be. But, to the onlooker, if they aren’t an expert like me, they have no idea why we did what we did. The spider web is pretty much invisible to them, and even up-close is nearly impossible to see—unless you’re right there in the middle of it.

We’ve all walked into a web in our lifetime, but not all webs are from arachnids. In our spiritual life, our webs might be strongholds and chains built up by lies, thoughts of worthlessness, trials/tribulations, stress/worry, unforgiveness, etc.

No one sees us walk into these webs except for us. When we start behaving outside of the “norm”—our emotions run high, we withdraw, or move differently—we know why, but others don’t. Others might point at us and laugh because they don’t understand, or push us to “get with it” because they don’t see the web. It hurts. To us, getting out of our web seems a little impossible.

But, here’s where the spider dance comes into play…

I can spot “the dance” because I’ve been there many times. So, I know without a shadow of a doubt when someone’s walked into a spider web. If I’m nearby, this activates my fight/flight response. I immediately go into scouting mode to seek out a potential spider on the select individual. I’m there to help because I know what it’s like. I know the panic. I’ve been there. But, I’m also a web warrior.

Although our various webs are invisible, there’s a hope of help. God will put us in contact with someone who can detect what’s wrong because they’ve been in the same web before (Psalms 20:2). They’ve been hurt, they’ve been brought down by negative thoughts/feelings, they’ve been through a loss, they’ve been through the battle. And, God came and rescued them and/or led a web warrior into their life to help spot their web, identify the spider, and get them cleaned up and calmed down. And, you know what? They survived.

Because of their deliverance by the mighty hand of God, they will be there to help you (Psalms 46:1). Even when you think that no one knows what you’re going through, what web you’ve just walked into, God does—and so does someone else. I can guarantee you help (a warrior) is on the way. Once you’re out of your web, you’ve had the “been-there-done-that” experience, you’ll don the web warrior mantra and be on the lookout to help others get out of their own webs. You’ll never know how soon into the future this will be.

If you’re in the middle of a web today, don’t think you’ve kept your “dace” on the QT. Someone’s seen it, the warning bells are going off, and God is sending a warrior your way. You’re in a web that isn’t going to win.