This Giant is No Different

by APC on February 02, 2017

It’s All About Perspective

When David was confronted with the giant Goliath, he was about 18–20 years old (I Samuel 17:31–37). But, when he looked at the giant, he had a different perspective than Saul. People look at the same situation, but have 2 different perspectives. Our perspectives today are shaped by our experiences, upbringing, and they will ultimately influence our ability to believe God.

The core of our perspective is faith, and if we don’t have faith, we won’t grow in Christ. Paul admonished the church to “go on,” or to move forward in their faith (Hebrews 6:1). If we hear God speak to us through his Word, leadership, in prayer, etc., if we don’t do it, we have a faith issue.

Our perspective is driven by our frame of reference. Scripture tells us a person’s characteristics and behaviors will be a manifestation of what s/he has in their heart (Proverbs 23:7). Perspective can forego reality and the facts and get to the core of what we really desire (Proverbs 27:7).

God is God No Matter the Situation

Scripture describes Goliath as a 9-foot man, with 125-pound armor (I Samuel 17:4–7). He shouted taunts to the Israelites about them and about their God (I Samuel 17:8). To David, the giant’s physical attributes did not matter to him. David focused on the issue at hand. David knew who Goliath was, who he was, but he also knew who God was.

No matter what our physical eyes see, we must look into the realm of the spirit. The large in the natural isn’t all that large in the spirit. It all depends on one’s perspective of faith. David knew Goliath was a man, and God was God. The only possible outcome was victory.

Getting the Right View

When Joshua sent the 12 spies into the land of Canaan, 10 came back with a report based on their perspective. The men likened themselves as grasshoppers to the giants in the land, and assumed their enemy thought the same as well (Numbers 13:33). Every faith failure in our life will be surrounded by doubt—doubt in who we are and doubt in the God that we serve.

God tells us all throughout His Word that if we know Him we’ll be strong and do exploits (Daniel 11:32) and that we are a chosen generation (I Peter 2:9). We should remind ourselves of this truth every day!

Unlike the spies, David knew how God had previously delivered him from a lion and a bear (I Samuel 13:36) and he knew Goliath wasn’t any different. If God had helped him through the small things, God would surely help him defeat this enemy (I Samuel 14:6).

How to Gain a Perspective of Faith

Get an Honest Perspective of Our Own Faith

We need to be honest about where our faith is at. Going to church, listening to the right sermons, or doing the like doesn’t matter if we don’t have faith. Our faith needs to be built up, grown, and exercised. In Scripture, a man came to Jesus with a son who had been tormented his entire life. Jesus told the man that if he would just believe, all things would be possible to him (Mark 9:23). The man admitted that he had faith, but asked Jesus to help his unbelief (Mark 9:24). In order to get a new perspective, he identified his unbelief, owned his disbelief, and asked for help. We need to do the same!

Celebrate Every Victory

God doesn’t qualify some victories as major victories and others as minor ones. Every victory is a victory with God. When God does something in our life, when we celebrate, this helps to build faith in us and the people around us (Psalms 150:2). When we rejoice in what God has done, we’ll influence others to praise Him as well (Psalms 34:2).

Maintain a Constant Connection with God

Our faith will fail if we disconnect with God. If we don’t continue the course and maintain spiritual disciplines, we won’t keep our lifeline (our connection) with God. We need to stay in the Word of God, fellowship with the body of Christ, and maintain a prayer life. Our faith will come by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).

Adapted from Wednesday Night Bible Study on February 01, 2017