The Valley of Blood

by APC on April 19, 2017

II Kings 3 describes how the Nation of Israel was challenged by the king of Moab. They sought advice from the prophet Elisha. God moved upon Elisha to tell them He would fill their valley with pools of water—Israel wouldn’t see wind or rain, but God would provide it. The next morning when the people awoke, the land was filled with flowing water (II Kings 3:16–20).

When the Moabites approached to fight Israel, it was early in the morning. The sun shone on the water in such a way, when the Moabites looked across the valley, they perceived pools of blood. They thought the kings of Israel had fought and killed each other, making it easy for them to collect the spoil (II Kings 3:21–23). But, when the Moabites came upon the camp, the Israelites rose up and attacked them. Victory was in the hand of God and Israel that day.

When I finished reading this story in Scripture, God spoke to me and said: The battle is all about perception.

Perception. God, of course, is always right. But, the more I began to think about it, the more I began to see the truth in His statement.

Perception is a way of interpreting something. The Moabites thought they were looking across a valley of blood. Through their misperception, they believed the “battlefield” ahead was an easy one, but it turned out to cost them their lives.

While there is a lesson to be learned in this Scripture setting, the devil would like us to focus on the wrong portion. Satan, the father of all lies, would like us to read this story and perceive blood as a sign to turn back. Blood, something that can’t do anything else but bring harm to our lives. He wants us to think if the Moabites had the right perception, it may have saved their lives…

The devil wants us to look out over the valleys of our life and think we’re doomed, especially when we look over our valley of sin. From our vantage point, our perception, he wants to convince us there’s no way to come out victoriously. He wants us to believe that we’re dark, dirty, and stained, and there’s nothing that can wash us clean, deliver us, or help us find a way out.

You see, the devil got the wrong perception the last time he got a good look at blood. He wasn’t looking at a valley of water, but the blood spilling out of our Savior, Jesus Christ, as He hung on the cross. When Jesus died, the devil mistakenly thought he had the victory. He got the wrong perception about a few things…

When Jesus took back the keys to death, hell, and the grave before He ascended into heaven (Revelation 1:18), Satan got a whole new perspective. He knew from that point forward his time was short, he didn’t have the keys to his own house, and he couldn’t win the war.

Satan is doing all he can to convince the child of God to run from the blood. He’s trying to brainwash us into the wrong perception about what the blood can do for us.

When we’re in that valley of sin, death, and destruction, blood isn’t a sign of death for us—it’s our only sign of victory. We’re not Moabites! When we walk through a valley of blood—the blood of our Savior, washed in the waters of baptism, in the name of Jesus—we head on to life, not death.

Don’t let Satan convince you Jesus didn’t die for your sins. Don’t see the wrong story in this lesson. Get the right perspective today about the blood and what it can do for you. Go ahead and walk through that valley of blood, and see what’s waiting for you on the other side!