The Power of Boldness in Your Witness

by APC on March 07, 2019

Against Intimidation

We are faced with a spirit of intimidation in our culture today. It almost drives people into silence because conflict ensues when sharing one’s opinion. This intimidation has faced the church even in the early days, shortly after the death of Jesus. Peter and John were forbade to share the truth of the things they had seen and heard of Jesus (Acts 4:13–20). Regardless of this spirit of intimidation, Satan cannot stop God’s work in the world.

A Spirit of Boldness

It’s easy to lack confidence in our own ability to communicate and to feel inadequate about our knowledge of Scripture. Many excuse themselves from being a witness because they’re too afraid to share wrong information with people. But, God has given us power through the Holy Ghost to be witnesses throughout the entire world (Acts 1:8). The Holy Spirit will help us overcome our fears and give us the ability to be an effective witness. Our success will not be based on our own attributes—it’s all found in the work of the Holy Ghost.

A Gift of Boldness

Remember, boldness is something God gives us; it’s a gift from God. The early church prayed for boldness to come against the intimidation of the world (Acts 4:29–30). Not only did they pray for boldness, but they asked God to support them in their witness! When we pray for boldness, God will hear and answer us. We see this in Scripture, for after the disciples prayed, they were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke the Word of God with boldness. They were able to witness in great power (Acts 4:31–33).

This Scripture alone is evidence as to why personality doesn’t dictate results when it comes to our witness! When onlookers saw the boldness of Peter and John’s witness they realized it was due to a supernatural power (not theirs). They knew Peter and John had been with Jesus (Acts 4:13). Walking with the Lord makes a difference in how we act and how others receive us. When we allow the Holy Ghost to give us boldness, our witness will become unmistakable and irresistible.

What Boldness Isn’t

Boldness is not brashness. Our witness shouldn’t be about putting others down, “winning” an argument, being rude or overbearing, etc. Boldness is something you have while brashness is a selfish behavior we act out—having motives beyond sharing the Gospel. Being bold is having a license for speaking; preaching with God’s authority. We must determine our motives, attitude, and the spirit driving our witness. Look to Jesus’ example in how He shared the Gospel and demonstrate these attributes.

Wisdom in Wielding Boldness

Boldness is beneficial, but we need to know how to “wield” our boldness. Therefore, if we’re going to be a bold witness, we first need to pray for wisdom. Ask God to help us know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. Learn to plant a seed, let God water it, and then come back to cultivate the word later. If we ask God for wisdom to witness effectively, He’ll give it to us (James 1:5Ecclesiastes 8:1). Wisdom coupled with boldness will give us favor with others.

Bold Stories

Boldness comes easier when we realize our story is worth telling. In Scripture, Jesus meet a woman at a Samaritan well. After revealing truths about her life, she went and shared her testimony (her story) with the townsmen (John 4). Many people in Samaria believed in Jesus because of her testimony. Our story is powerful because it’s not abstract; it’s very personal. We’re a living illustration of God’s power to change a life. Our story will make others want to know His story.

Our story is powerful because it’s a 21st century story. Our stories bring the Gospel to present-day; we become a modern-day object lesson of the truth others can read about in Scripture. Secondly, our story is indisputable. People can’t argue with us about what God’s done in our life! Lastly, our story is powerful because it simplifies what can be hard to digest. Satan has made sure our world is developing preconceived notions about God and living for Him. But, the simpler the communication is about God’s Word, the easier the brain can process it and receive it!

Enemies of Boldness

Boldness has several enemies. Unbelief—We must believe God can use us and will respond when we witness. Business—This can distract us and make us unaware of those around us who need to hear our story. Laziness—We don’t witness because we don’t want to be bothered. Sin—Unrepentant hearts keep us from sharing our stories. A Lack of Skill—We become more comfortable (skillful) in sharing our stories the more we tell them. A Lack of Knowledge—The power of our witness is linked to what we know in God’s Word. His Word should bring our witness to life.


Boldness is a God-given attribute to help enable a spirit-empowered witness. If we ask for it, God will give it to us, but we need His wisdom to use it. Boldness is bolstered when we realize our story is worth telling to the world. Lastly, every believer’s story is powerful because it’s real, present-tense, indisputable, and simple to understand.

Adapted from Wednesday Night Bible Study on March 6, 2019 with Pastor Nave