The Gospel of John: Part II

As we continue on in our journey of the book of John, we see John doesn’t provide accounts of Jesus in chronological order, but depicts snapshots of His life. His accounts leave us to put the pieces together and to draw out the meaning behind them. Jesus’ First Miracle John describes Jesus’ first miracle in John 2:1–11, Jesus turning water into wine. This miracle is different than any other miracle Jesus would ever perform in His ministry. Most miracles—demonstrating God’s power—renewed parts of fallen creation: blindness, lameness, etc. But, no one was dying, sick, or in danger in this particular setting. It was just a wedding, and they were in need of wine. Culturally, wedding celebrations were several days (or a week) long, and the host would provide for his guests per the law of hospitality. It was considered a great shame and dishonor to run out of anything. It … Continue reading The Gospel of John: Part II