The Goodness of God

by APC on January 31, 2018

I love that warm-gooey feeling I get on the inside when something good happens. It happens when I witness someone carrying an elderly person’s groceries out to their car. It happens when I see someone receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. It happens when I let someone into a line of cars exiting a parking lot who’ve been passed over by countless vehicles. It happens when you see a family in need receive an envelope of money, anonymously donated.

Does that happen to you? Do you experience some form of joy when you see good, noble, moral, and respectable things happen? It feels good to see and/or experience these blessings in life. Why?

I ponder about this often: why we seek the good and noble things and abhor the evil. We don’t cringe when we see a lost puppy returned to its owner, or a child reunited with their parents. We don’t scoff when the needy are blessed or the sick receive healing.

Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good… (Psalms 106:1, KJV).

We’re given countless verses in Scripture that give us the answer to this question. Quite simply, God is good. What He makes is good. He spent the days of creation examining His works and calling them good. He created all of us, and we too seek to be good (I Peter 1:15–16).

We are made in God’s image or likeness (Genesis 1:27). We are called to be holy and good because God is such. And, in the basic explanation, we desire the good and moral things in life because our Father in Heaven is good. It’s a part of our core DNA. It’s our natural desire.

This in itself is an incredible blessing for all of mankind—the goodness of God. Why? Could you imagine a world that sought cruelty and evil because their God was evil? Could you fathom if God was anything but good? We aren’t seeking a life of death and destruction. We don’t know that to be the norm. We don’t desire to live in a sad and burdened world.

Our God is good, so we aspire to be good and appreciate the good things. We have a true gift in knowing our God is good. But, God’s goodness is something we take for granted, and I don’t think we truly understand the blessing of the goodness of God.

I encourage you today to examine the world we live in. Look around you and see the blessings of God. In all of what God reveals to you, be thankful for His goodness. What you see and know would be completely different if it weren’t for the good God that we serve. And, you can join the Psalmist in saying: Praise the LORD! Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good!