The Glory Days

by APC on June 19, 2016

Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers (Proverbs 17:6, KJV).

God created mankind with a desire for a father. Wired into everyone’s DNA is the longing for a spiritual and natural father. God modeled us after Himself—He is a Father to us (His creation) and He made provision for the office of fatherhood for men in this earthy life.

A Father’s Influence

Scripture tells us in Proverbs 17:6 the glory of children are their fathers. Glory means a weight or heaviness, or the ability to keep something grounded. In Scripture, God always uses the word glory to describe something beyond the ordinary; something that has a presence and has the ability to direct because of its influence.

King Solomon wanted to convey the importance of the effect and impact a father has in his children’s lives. Solomon wanted people to understand there is nothing more influential than a godly father in the home.

A father’s actions carry significant weight as the head of his home. Fathers must be careful with to whom and how they carry their weight of influence. Their actions and words will affect the next generation. Men must strive to always make the powerful impact God intended.

If fathers are to have maximum influence, they must do several things:

Teach Children Their Story

Fathers should teach their children all of their stories—the good and the bad. Men should instruct their children on what not to do so their children can learn from their own life’s lessons (Psalms 78:1–4). Fathers should never allow their children to make the same mistake, but will intervene when their child makes the wrong choices.

Be Epic Every Day

A father should be sensational every day in his plight of fatherhood. A father’s best days are not in the past—those were not the “glory days” or the days of their prime. A father’s glory days are in the here and now, each day they get up and decide that today will be yet another epic day.

Children will remember the epic days their father made the unusual the usual; how their father broke the cultural norm. And, even when the children are grown, fathers can still create epic moments with their children. All fathers can inspire their children to have the same impact on their own children.

Be Brave

Fathers need to be brave enough to fear the Lord and work hard for His kingdom. Men need to follow the power of the Holy Ghost working in their lives. Fathers have an incredible responsibility placed on their shoulders and need to have the courage to sacrifice and put their wife and children first. Life may be hard, and the constant fight to remain selfless will be extraordinary. But, men need to be bold in their faithfulness to God and be brave enough to trust in Him.

Teach Your Family

Fathers need to teach their family what is important and unimportant in life. What a father decides about God will impact his wife and his children. Fathers need to teach their families the Word of God is more important than anything else in this life. When a father passes away from this life, his goal should be to have set the right example for his family so they continue down the right path even after he is gone.

Glory Today

Fathers need to realize today is their glory day—they have an opportunity to start today or to continue the pattern already established in their lives. Today is the moment to stand strong and to realize the man God made them to be. Father’s day is just a day, another date on the calendar. But, can fathers are challenged today be a true father the rest of the year, and make every day a day to remember as father’s day.

Adapted from Sunday Morning Service on June 19, 2016