The Evidence of Rain

by APC on April 06, 2016

When you walked out the door this morning, did you think about grabbing an umbrella? I play this game in my mind every morning—do I want to take a gamble on the weather or load myself down with another item to lug around? Of all the decisions I make in the day, this is the worst one. The sun could be shining without a cloud in the sky, no rain forecasted on the radar, and then out of nowhere…torrential showers.

If I wanted to save time, and always be prepared, I should just snatch that umbrella while I gather my laptop and lunchbox before heading out the door. But, I have to stop and think if preparedness is the true crux of the matter. Is it truly my faith? Faith that it will rain?

There was a time in Scripture when the prophet Elijah prayed that no rain would fall, and for three years and six months it didn’t rain (James 5:17). Nearing the end of the drought, Elijah sent his servant to see if the rain was coming. The servant reported an absence of rain, but Elijah instructed him to get up and look seven times. On the seventh time Elijah’s servant said, “Behold, there raiseth a little could out of the sea, like a man’s hand” (I Kings 18:44, KJV).

Elijah’s servant didn’t have faith that it would truly rain. After seven times of checking, the weather hadn’t turned. Even during the final perusal of the horizon, only the tiniest cloud was visible—and that cloud couldn’t possibly usher in any rain.

I’m reminded of a true story I read one time about a young man who had a life-changing encounter with the Lord in church one night—He was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. Upon arrival at work the following day, he shared his tremendous experience with a coworker. Laughing him to scorn, the coworker jeered at the young man saying, “God isn’t real and your encounter was impossible!”

Without hesitation the young man told his coworker emphatically, “God is real,” and turned to pray. But, instead of praying back the rain, he called it to come forth. He spoke to his disbelieving coworker: “You will know God is real when it rains today at 3:00pm.” There were no clouds in the sky that day and no call for rain. But, at 3:00pm, it rained.

Convinced it was a coincidence, the coworker laughed in disbelief, but the young man said, “Alright. You will know God is real when it rains again tomorrow at 3:00pm.” The following day, there were no clouds and no forecasted rain, but at 3:00pm, it rained again. For the second time the coworker denounced the finality of God, and the young man said, “Okay. You will know God is real when it rains again tomorrow at 3:00pm.” The following day the weather was clear, but the young man expected rain. With a trembling gaze, his coworker looked to the heavens once more. And, at 3:00pm it rained.

Elijah’s servant had a small bit of precursory evidence of pending rain—he had a cloud , but he still lacked faith. The young man in our more recent story didn’t have evidence, but he had faith. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1, KJV).

Many times we claim all we need is a little “something” to believe. But, in all honesty, God could provide whatever that “something” is and we’ll still doubt, we’ll still be unfaithful, and we still won’t trust Him. We need to have the faith of Elijah, and of the young man—to have faith whether or not we have “evidence” to believe. When we do, we’ll see rain.

I don’t know what happened to the young man’s coworker, but I hope he was converted. Elijah’s servant adopted a new opinion after the heavens opened and there was a great rain (I Kings 18:45). Your faith can bring the rain, but that rain could be for someone else. It could be a miracle in someone else’s life or could very well save their soul. Are you willing today to have faith in the rain? Why don’t you start exercising faith and see just what God will do.