Redefining the Silver Lining

by APC on April 04, 2018

Each time I step out of my house and face rain, I grumble silently. I think immediately how wet I’ll be running from my car inside my future destination. I hate being wet—especially in clothing I’ll need to don the remainder of the day.

As I gaze (glaringly) toward the heavens, I take a deep breath and tell myself there’s a silver lining. We are blessed the Lord brings the rain, which waters the vegetation, which provides oxygen for me to breath, and therefore, I can live. With a “thank you, Jesus” muttered between gritted teeth, I step into the downpour.

It is good for me that I have been afflicted: That I might learn Thy statues. The law of Thy mouth is better unto me Than thousands of gold and silver (Psalms 119:71–72, KJV).

Seeing the “silver lining” is a valiant effort to find the hopeful side of a bad situation. The old adage “every cloud has a silver lining” speaks to how the very worst events or situations have some positive aspect.

But, I ask myself today, why do we see a silver lining? Why do we view situations as bad?

Scripture tells us how it is good to be afflicted—trials and tribulations are great (my flesh doesn’t like this). Psalms 119 is one of many Scriptures teaching this truth.

Why are trials good? Because they grow us and help us become mature Christians. Ultimately, seemingly “bad” situations facilitate learning the Word of God, which is more valuable to us than anything this world can provide.

Part of learning God’s Word—the law of God’s mouth—is getting the right perception. We need an accurate view of our life, situations, and what God’s doing. Therefore, we can’t look at any situation and think—I don’t like this, but the silver lining is that it’s going to help me. Through learning and discerning God’s Word, our perception changes. We grow to understand every situation we encounter is ultimately good. The entire picture we see of our lives needs to be one color: silver. There’s no lining!

We need to redefine our vision and realize every situation doesn’t have a bad side; it’s all good and helpful to us. We should see everything as experience, growth opportunity, God’s will, etc. You fill in the blank. Once we learn to do this, we will realize there’s not just a portion (a lining) of our life that’s a blessing from God. It’s all good for us. It’s all a blessing! And, it’s perfectly framed together, right out in the open—taking up the entire view.

Let’s pray today in our pursuit to learn God’s Word that He helps us learn good judgment and vision (Psalms 119:66). We need to have the right perception in our situations and cast aside the world’s thinking and definitions. Instead, we can know a lining doesn’t exist in our life—we can redefine the picture. Let’s see all the goodness of God’s handwork in our life without limits, borders, or any silver lining.