Ready, Set, Cook!

by APC on March 29, 2017

I have a confession. I’m the world’s worst cook.

There’s nothing about cooking that interests me, and I honestly don’t have any desire to improve in this skill. Because of my disinterest in cooking, I find I over-compensate in other area. So, unremarkably, I can be over-prepared in other spheres of my life, and severely under-prepared for life in the kitchen.

Because of my lack of “kitchen readiness,” I find myself—all too often—haphazardly throwing together a meal, realizing I need something on the other side of the kitchen when both hands are covered in food, my foot is holding the oven door open, pots are boiling over on the stove, and the spoon I was using a moment ago has disappeared, again…

I missed out in receiving the “how-to-cook” gene when God made me. And, thankfully He’s not calling me to be a chef in a 5-star restaurant any time soon. But, the moment He does, you better believe I’m going enroll in culinary school immediately, and spend a lot of time in prayer trying to talk God out of it…

I’m reminded of a story in Scripture about Ahimaaz. Was he a cook? No, but he was beyond eager to bring news to David about a battle. Joab told him it wasn’t time—there wasn’t a full story yet. And, Joab didn’t really want to send him being a little “green,” but Ahimaaz wanted to run. So, Joab relented and Ahimaaz departed (II Samuel 18:19–23). Once the full news was known, an Ethiopia man set off to deliver the news about the happenings on the battlefront.

Ahimaaz arrived ahead of the other messenger, but didn’t have much to tell King David (II Samuel 18:29). Without bringing any value with his presence (or news), he was asked to step aside. Shortly afterward—a mere few minutes—the Ethiopian arrived and relayed the full story to David (II Samuel 18:31–32). There were definitely too many cooks in this kitchen.

I’m not a cook. But, if God wanted me to be one, I’d be unsuccessful without taking the time to glean information about the best cooking techniques, practicing in the kitchen, and biding my time until the Lord released me to become a full-on chef. I wouldn’t turn on my heel, dart to the nearest kitchen, and say, “Let’s cook!”

Many times, the Lord calls us to do a work for His Kingdom, but we’re also told to wait. There’s information we have to learn, skills to glean, and the perfect season (or time) in which to operate. But, in our zealousness, we head off into the kitchen without the right ingredients, recipe, or even the knowledge of how to execute the creation of the entrée selection in front of us.

So, we go because we want to go, and find ourselves ill-equipped for the work. We show up, can’t even cook a frozen dinner, don’t know a tablespoon from a teaspoon, and wind up being nothing but a hindrance. We’re asked to step aside until someone who has been commissioned, and released by God to cook, arrives.

I’m sure there are some born-to-be chefs out there. God may have called you don the “white hat” in the most high-profile restaurant of our time. But, the call and vision God has projected for your life may be days, weeks, months, or even years down the road. It’s not time to cook just yet.

Before you start scrounging for the ingredients, measuring cups, and clearing off counter space, allow God to spend some time preparing you to work. He does this so we’re effective in what we’re called to do, at the right time, and in the right place. We’re not just “cooking to cook”—we’re no Ahimaaz. We cook with purpose, precision, and planning. The final outcome? An exquisite culinary masterpiece. That’s how things work in God’s kitchen.