Pursue the Perpetual

by APC on March 22, 2017

I am a student of words. I adore them. I study them. I truly delight in them.

I read a lot and do so for the enjoyment of learning and filling my mind with information I don’t know. But, I think a small part of me loves the journey into uncharted knowledge territories because of the new words I’ll unearth along the way.

I have fond memories around my “word” discoveries. I remember where I was, when I heard word(s) used, or even what I was reading. In rare cases, I might even recall what I was wearing—if the word had a tremendous impact on my life…

I do remember the day I discovered the word perpetual; it means never-ending, uninterrupted, or unchanging. It’s one of my favorites, although I can’t say how long that list trails through the “word-cloud” of my mind.

As a child my sisters and I would giggle endlessly about keeping something “for all the days and all the nights”—a phrase coined by my youngest sister. What she really meant (and was a philosophy we later adopted as siblings), was a perpetual, never-ending duration of ownership over some childhood possession. At that age, the notion of keeping something in a perpetual state was splendid!

As an adult, there’s still a small moment of endearment when I come across that word, but even more so when I find it in the Word of God.

They shall ask the way to Zion with their faces thitherward, saying, Come, and let us join ourselves to the Lord in a perpetual covenant that shall not be forgotten (Jeremiah 50:5, KJV).

Perpetual. The word in Hebrew is olam and means forever. As children in our naiveté, my sisters and I desired to keep something perpetually. But, we were seeking something in the natural and not the supernatural. We can lay hold of something that never ends and never changes—something we can keep “for all the days and all the nights.” That, dear reader, is our relationship (covenant) with God.

My childhood expectations weren’t that far off from our Creator’s. Remarkably, God in His complex, but simplistic nature expects that we pursue the perpetual. God doesn’t change—He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever (Malachi 3:6). When He commanded Israel to join themselves to Him in a perpetual covenant, the directive was extended to all of His children.

Our joining with God in a perpetual covenant (relationship) is never-ending. Just as a man and wife join together in a marital union until death, Jesus—our Bridegroom—desires to secure a covenant with us that doesn’t just last in this lifetime, but for all eternity.

If we are to be in a perpetual covenant with the Lord that is uninterrupted and unchanging, we cannot do anything that would cause any disruption in that bond. This is why living for God is a 24/7, 365 days a year, lifelong, perpetual pursuit. We cannot go one second where we “take a break” from living for God or else we will break that perpetual covenant.

Today, let’s pursue the perpetual. Let’s seek after something that this world cannot corrupt; something that we can take with us on our journey toward Heaven. That folks, is Jesus Himself.