Postcards to God

by APC on June 03, 2015

As we approach the summer months, many people will be flitting away on relaxing vacations. Travel plans can be anywhere from mini weekend getaways a few hours from our residence, cross-country vacations, or even hopping continents for a distant country excursion! Whether we’re traveling alone or with family, there will always be someone “left behind” at home who we want to check-in with—assuring our safety and enjoyment while on our trip.

Growing up, it was the norm for people to purchase a postcard from their travel locale and mail it home to loved ones. It cross-functioned as a status checkup and a sentimental souvenir for the recipient. In this digital age, we now send quick text messages to those back home, update our Facebook statuses, or snap a quick photo to Instagram. Either way, we like to “check in” with how we’re doing.

As we embark on our summer travels, how often do we check-in with God? We can get too caught up in the enjoyment of being on vacation that we accidentally take a vacation from God. The late night on the lake leads to a mid-morning alarm, and after rising late, we head out for the next event scheduled on our itinerary. We missed scheduling the most important appointment of the day!

Scripture is very simple in stating that we should “Pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17, KJV). It is through prayer that we are able to communicate with God. Obviously we cannot pray every second of the day, but we need to have a mindset of prayer. We need to keep our focus on the Lord, and yes, spend time in prayer with Him each and every day.

Sometimes this “mindset of prayer” functions as our check-in throughout the day. Our hearts and our minds turn to Him in thanks for the day, the ability to be on a relaxing vacation, the opportunity to have new people to witness to, etc.

When we embark on a vacation we leave friends and family behind, but we can’t do the same when it comes to God. God doesn’t take a vacation from His role as Lord and Savior of our life; He never leaves or forsakes us (Hebrews 13:5). There are some friends who would be devastated if we left for a trip and a week later came home without speaking to them once. Or, even worse, we didn’t bring them a souvenir to say—I was thinking about you! How can we vacate our minds of God to come home a week later and expect to pick up our relationship with Him where we left off a week ago…or more?

Honestly, God wants more from us than a quick postcard status or Facebook check-in. This isn’t a concept exclusive to our vacations, but is something God wants from us each and every day. God is looking to have a relationship with His children that goes beyond the “Thanks God for the strength to make it through today” status or “Isn’t the sunset beautiful? God really has quite the paintbrush.”

In a sense, we need to revert back to the old ways of letter writing—composing lengthy correspondences to God where we think and ponder over each heart-felt word. Can our relationship with Him be more than just a postcard? Can it be more than just a momentary passing of our status in the now?

This summer, when we’re on the go, enjoying creation, let’s take some time with the Creator. When we’ve spent some time with Him receiving the true refreshing (Isaiah 28:12), how much more relaxing do you think our vacation can get?