No One Can Take Your Promise

by APC on March 09, 2016

Have you ever read a passage of Scripture and it just jumped off the page? Did the Scripture hit you in your heart or maybe your gut? This is why I love the Word of God—it’s alive and it speaks to me every time I read it.

The gambit of emotions felt when reading the Bible cannot be described in this venue alone. If you’re a man or woman of Scripture, you know exactly what I mean! In all the emotions, my favorite is the sense of joy I feel when I read about God’s promises. God’s promises will be resident in our life no matter what the world or the devil does to come against them!

While we clearly see the promises described for us today, sometimes those promises haven’t manifested in our life. Whether in the Bible, or spoken to us by God in prayer, days, months, or years may have passed and we are still waiting. Some of us may have even seen things removed from our life we thought would lead to a particular promise. All of these circumstances can make us wonder if our promise is sure and if God is going to come through…

In Scripture, we read about a young man named Joseph. Joseph had 2 dreams depicting his brothers and parents bowing down to him (Genesis 37:5–11). God gave him a promise to rule and to be prosperous, but the road ahead spoke differently.

Joseph’s father had given him a coat of many colors (Genesis 37:5). It was no doubt a prized possession because he wore it proudly and wore it everywhere. It symbolized his power and authority (being Israel’s son), but also the love of his father—he was the favored son. But, when his brothers sold him into slavery, his coat was taken from him (Genesis 37:23). It would seem that his power and authority was gone and attainment of his promise shaken. How could anyone become a ruler as a slave?

Later, Joseph was enticed by Potiphar’s wife over, and over again. Joseph refused to sin against God (Genesis 39:9), so he fled from her presence (Genesis 39:13). Unfortunately, Joseph lost his coat once again, and it was his coat that Potiphar’s wife used to accuse him of disorderly conduct. Joseph was cast into prison falsely accused. How could anyone become a ruler as a prisoner?

What can we learn from Joseph’s story? Over a period of approximately 13 years, starting at age 17, Joseph faced trials and tribulations. The devil and the world came against him in unfavorable odds, and he kept losing his “stuff.” In everything Joseph endured, nothing seemed to lead to a position of power and authority.

Even though Joseph lost his coat 2 times, and some other stuff along the way, we need to remember no one ever got his promise! God brought Joseph out of slavery and freed him from the bonds of prison. By God’s hand, Joseph was made ruler of Egypt, and was second in command to Pharaoh at age 30 (Genesis 41:46)!

If you’re wondering today if God’s promise to you is going to happen, remember Joseph’s story. God is faithful and true (I Corinthians 1:9) and never lies (Numbers 23:19). We can always count on Him to be there (Hebrews 13:5) and fulfill His promises to us! It may take a while, the enemy can come in and try to defeat us, we might lose some stuff, but the promises of God have all been fulfilled in Jesus (II Corinthians 1:20)!

No one can take your promise—stand on the promises of God today! Patiently endure and you will obtain the promise God has in store for you (Hebrews 6:15)!