My Spot

by APC on October 25, 2017

Do you have a spot? Is there some place you like to sit or lay claim to everywhere you go?

I am one who has “a spot” in most environments I inhabit. I have my favorite seats in particular restaurants, a designated seat at the dinner table, stand near the same fibers of carpet during my weekly stand-up meetings—my list of “spots” is endless.

Why do I, or others, have spots? Humans are creatures of habit; we develop patterns and go to our safe zone as often as possible. And, most of us get a little upset when someone else inhabits our spot. Our world gets a little off-kilter when we can’t secure that safe feeling as we move about in this world.

I’ll be the first to admit (ashamedly) that I immensely dislike losing my spot. I’ll even go as far as putting my personal belongings in “my spot” to secure the location. I’ll show up ridiculously early to ensure my spot is occupied by yours truly. And, where I’m worst about this is at church.

You’re laughing at me, but in all honestly you’re laughing with me. I’m not a solo patroness in this movement. I’ve seen the rest of you coming with your bags, purses, Bibles, and the like, marking your territory on the pew. We act like space in church is going out of style sometimes…

I recently watched a documentary on Charles Spurgeon: a well-known English preacher, known for making the Gospel understood by the common man. He was so influential in his day he often preached to large masses of people—6,000 or more at a time. The community kept building new structures to accommodate such large groups coming to hear Spurgeon preach. People would come hours early to services just to get a spot on the pew. Individuals didn’t have the pleasure of sitting in their spot; they were lucky just to get a seat!

In prayer, I reflected on this happening. What would all of our churches be like today if people had to come early just to find a spot in the church house to hear the Word of the Lord preached? I marveled how at one point in Spurgeon’s life they had to institute a ticket distribution process for attendees. If you didn’t have a ticket, you didn’t get a spot.

God laid a question upon my heart that I will ask the world today. If our salvation was based on securing a ticket, to what lengths would we take to get one? Would we do everything in our power to reserve our spot? Would we sell all that we had to get a ticket (Matthew 13:44, 19:21)?

Is our relationship with God today more than a habit for us? Getting in our spot with God should go beyond just securing our “safe” feeling. Missing time in our spot should make us more than a little upset and off-kilter. Securing and occupying our spot with God is truly a life and death situation.

While we shouldn’t trample over other church-goers to get into the God’s house, we should make an effort to reserve our spot. At home, let’s make sure we’ve got a spot to spend some time every day with the Lord. If we seek to get a spot here on earth with Jesus, we’ll have one waiting for us up in Heaven (John 14:3). And, our heavenly spot already has our name on it.

So, I’ll ask you again, dear reader. Do you have a spot? If you don’t, it’s not too late to get one.