Lucid Leaders

by APC on December 16, 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, most of us like to reflect on what’s happened during the past year, note how God has blessed and changed us, and even forecast what will happen in 2016.

We may find ourselves in a familiar setting where our leadership (secular, spiritual, or sometimes even household) addresses us individually, or on a team, concerning the year’s achievements. They might outline what went well, what didn’t go so well, and the lessons learned from the past year.

We might be thinking: How did we accomplish anything in the past year? Why were we successful? Individually or on a team? Why did we grow? Individually or on a team?

The answer to these questions—outside of the fact that through God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)—is good leadership! Good leaders accomplish things through the empowerment of other people.

God has placed leaders in our lives to help us learn and grow as individuals, on a team, in a ministry, in the home, etc. (Hebrews 13:17). God desires that we move forward and not stay in the same place (Ephesians 4:15)!

Signs of Great Leaders in Our Life

They Let Us Dream

Great leaders let us dream, and sometimes dream big. Spiritual leadership knows that God will supply visions to individuals (Acts 2:17) and if we have big (scary) dreams, they’re most likely from God! Leaders want us to provide input toward planning efforts and carrying out tasks. They not only ask for our input, but they listen too. Great leaders help us to do well in our endeavors, and provide insight as to when and how we should invest our time, resources, and effort. One of their goals? To help us succeed!

They Let Us Fail

Sometimes leaders know that an effort may not work based on their experience and/or life knowledge. But, they might give us the go-ahead so that we learn our own lesson. There is a reason for failure in our life—to learn and try again (Proverbs 24:16). Great leaders allow us to wade out into unknown waters to experience the depth, and sometimes turbulent tides, but they won’t let us drown! Our failure is done and over because our leadership kept us engaged and encouraged us to keep going. They had faith in us, and pushed us through failure to success!

They Help Us Celebrate

Where are we at? Celebration time! Great leadership didn’t take the credit for the ideas we came up with. They’re standing in front of us, meeting with us for coffee, or via whatever venue they’ve chosen because they’re giving us credit for the success and want to celebrate with us.

The Road to Leadership

We should be thankful for the leadership God has placed in our life. But, we also should be thanking God that these leaders are shaping us to be a leader ourselves. We can become a great leader from the examples of leadership we’ve been privileged to know and serve under.

And, the best part? We don’t have to be in charge of a large corporation, team, or tons of children, etc. to be a leader. We can lead where we’re at in whatever we’re doing. We only need to these three simple strategies: let others dream, let them sometimes fail, and celebrate in their success. Let the coming New Year be an opportunity for you to celebrate your success in 2015, but be a moment to embark on a coming success in 2016—leadership.

Adapted from Pastor Brad Nave’s Leadership Moment Series