Left-Handed Lessons

by APC on May 24, 2017

It’s the age old story of boy meets girl—boy and girl fall in love, get married, and spend the rest of their lives knocking elbows with one another… Not you? Okay, then it’s just those of us who fall in love and marry someone who’s left-handed.

Oh, the stories I could tell of all the times my husband and I have walloped each other’s elbows—me a righty and him a lefty. We have frequent elbow wars when cooking at the stove, eating meals, painting, brushing our teeth, writing, drinking water… Think about anything you could possibly do with your dominant hand, and just imagine how you could become entangled with someone else doing the same action, but the exact opposite way. Whatever you’ve come up with in your mind, I promise you, my husband and I have been there.

After spilled drinks, repeated bumps on my forehead, and serious thought to investing in erasers, I’ve come to a few conclusions. We live in a world dominated by right-handed people. And, therefore, most everything is made for a right-handed person. While my husband’s left-handedness is the cause of some agitation in my life, I’m amazed at what he’s able to do in a right-handed world.

It takes great skill and ability to live in a right-handed world, as much as I hate to admit it. So, I’m convinced being a lefty is a special calling by God. If you think I’m kidding, I challenge you to try and use any household item with your left hand and see if you don’t cut, or seriously maim yourself using it.

Just so you know, this “left-handed theory” isn’t one I’ve devised by my lonesome.

In Scripture, the children of Israel were in bondage under the rulership of King Eglon. They cried out to God, and he rose up a deliverer named Ehud, a left-handed man. Ehud crafted a dagger to assassinate the king and hid it under his right thigh. When he entered the palace, the king’s guards checked him for weapons, but didn’t find any. Why? Because most people of the day were right-handed, and would have hid any weaponry under their left thigh. The story ends with Ehud killing the king and escaping undetected (Judges 3:15–23).

So, you might be asking yourself, “What’s so special about this left-handed guy?” Ehud had a special calling, and was created intentionally by God for a specific purpose. And, to fulfill that purpose, he had to be left-handed. No one other than Ehud would have been able to do what he was able to do.

So you see, my left-handed theory is in the Bible, but maybe not exactly the way you think…

Am I saying that only left-handed people are special and have a specific calling—i.e., my husband versus boring, old, right-handed me? Even though he is pretty awesome, and has a “Mr. Awesome” t-shirt to prove it, this isn’t the case.

Left-handedness is a specific trait, a characteristic that some people have in the world. It’s unique, just as are other aspects of who we are. God created each of us differently with our own callings, anointing, and abilities. It is with those different specialties (physical characteristics or otherwise) that God calls us to complete a unique work in His kingdom. And, it might be a work that no one else but us can do.

Living with a different characteristic from everyone may seem strange. This may be more apparent to the 12% of lefties that make up the entire world’s population. But, God has created us the way we are for a purpose. There may be things we’re called to do for His kingdom that no one—or few others—can accomplish in life. And, instead of getting frustrated with our differences, we should celebrate them.

You might not be a leftie, but you have a special characteristic or ability in your life God created you with for a specific purpose. It might look like a character flaw, seem a little complicated, or make you feel out of place sometimes, but it’s there for a reason. When put to the right use in God’s kingdom, it’s perfect—it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about it.

And, when other people realize what you’ve got at your disposal, they might just buy you your own “awesome” t-shirt.