Just Because

by APC on January 25, 2017

My nephew is an intelligent child at 4 years old. The other day at church he weaved a tremendous statement—dare I say scheme—on how an allowance should be awarded in lieu of helping out a Brother with a “church chore.”

I was flabbergasted to say the least and desperately tried to stifle laughter as my sister answered her son with a resounding, “No!” The poor, conniving child began to question “why” he wasn’t going to receive any money for helping at the church. The explanation ensued…

This incident flooded back memories to my childhood—me beleaguering my parents with endless questions. The word “why” was very much a part of my vocabulary as was my parent’s responses of, “no,” “because I said so,” and “just because.” And, my response was always, why?

Sometimes as children, when we ask our parents something, we’re given explanation as to why we can’t or shouldn’t do something. But, other times—albeit harder to understand—we hear a resounding “no” or “just because” without explanation. Regardless of the response, children are taught obedience and discipline, all the while preparing them to follow suit as adults.

As a child, I thought I’d reach a day in my life when every answer would come with a dignified response. I would never be told “no” or “just because” without plausible explanation. I was totally wrong—and wrong is a significant understatement. I’ve heard “no” without explanation in many environments and circumstances, but the most difficult are the times I’ve heard it from my Creator.

It’s shocking for some to realize when we pray and ask God to work in our lives, His answer isn’t always, “yes.” Contrary to belief, just because God doesn’t fulfil our every desire doesn’t mean He’s an uncaring God who doesn’t love His children. He says, “no”—probably more than He says yes to me anyway—and a lot of times it doesn’t come with an explanation. If I dare ask why, it’s answered with, “Just because.”

God knows the end from the beginning and the plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11). What we ask or what we want to do doesn’t align with His will most of the time. Because we’re trying to take control and not allow God to be Lord over our life, He has to tell us no. Because what we want to do will wind up destroying us down the road, He tells us no. Because it isn’t the right time, He tells us no. And, when we want to know why, He doesn’t respond.

We must remember today that God isn’t trying to be cruel or unreasonable. He says, “no” because He’s doing what any earthly parent does to their child. He knows best, He cares tremendously for us, and has unconditional love for us. So, His “no” does not come as a node of punishment. His “just because” is establishing His authority in our lives, helping us remember that He’s God and we’re not.

But, more importantly, His “no” and “just because” has another meaning. Truth be told, God can say one thing to us and mean so much more. I’ve found time and time again when God speaks these words to me, it really just means, “I love you.” And, love doesn’t require an explanation.

The next time God says no, or says no without a why, don’t get bent out of shape. Just see the Father of all Creation wrapping His protective arms around you and saying, “I love you.” You’ll find His “no” followed by “just because” are not such bad responses after all.