Jesus is the Bridge

by APC on June 17, 2015

A short while ago during music practice, someone asked, “What’s the bridge?” The response was simple: Jesus. The implied meaning of “Jesus is the bridge” spiraled the team into a period of comedic remarks. (Musicians are a different breed.) After a while, someone casually said, “That’ll preach.” And, you know what? It did.

The concept of Jesus being a “bridge” consumed me. The more I reflected on it, the more I realized the volumes of truth and promises residing in that one phrase. When considering an actual bridge, we understand it to be a structure that carries or creates a path across a waterway, ravine, obstacle, etc. The possible composition of a bridge’s structure, design, and function is numerous.

When I think about everything our Lord and Savior does for us, I can draw many conclusions—but there is one overwhelming theme. Jesus truly is our bridge. Just as we could say “God is…,” and fill in the blank, I believe the same holds true if we say, “Jesus is the bridge…” We will never find a situation or occasion Jesus isn’t fit for. He is perfect, His way is perfect, and His word is perfect. He is the one solution to all things. His involvement and application in our life as a bridge is endless (Philippians 4:19).

In the onslaught of daily life, Jesus carries us through every situation. He literally creates a bridge across the ocean of spiritual and physical turmoil to secure us on dry land (Isaiah 43:19). When we stand on Jesus and His word, our feet will always follow a guarded bridge that will guide us over spiritual ravines, troubled waters, and elements of destruction.

The devil wants nothing more than for God’s children to walk on a rickety bridge of his own design, causing us to plummet to a never-ending abyss of darkness of no escape. But, Jesus creates a covered bridge for His children to traverse day-by-day, making a way for us continue on unscathed to reach our next destination and blessing in Him (Psalms 121:7–8).

To have the privilege of experiencing these blessings, an even greater bridge had to be erected. In the Garden of Eden, mankind created a chasm a sin, which separated us from the Lord. Nothing could bridge that gap until Jesus. Jesus became our sin, died on a cruel and rugged cross, and became the ultimate sacrifice. With His death, He became the permanent bridge over the canyon of sin.

Today, Jesus functions as our high priest (Hebrews 4:15) and is our mediator (I Timothy 2:5). The word mediator is from the Greek word mesités, which means a go-between, restorer of peace, reconciler, and intercessor. Jesus is a constant bridge—interceding on our behalf every time that we pray!

In life, Jesus is more than just a bridge to a song—He’s more than just a segue to navigate from point A to point B. Without Him, we couldn’t take a step, live our life, or have being. Jesus is our heartbeat and reason for living.

I pray we can all experience a revelation in who our true bridge is in life—Jesus Christ. If we know and follow “the Bridge,” we will always find ourselves walking on a pathway with a firm and rooted foundation, unshakeable strength, and unstoppable power. And, that “Bridge” will be the straight and narrow road that will surely lead us to our eternal reward.