How God Heals Us: Our Physical Body

by APC on November 02, 2017

And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee (Exodus 15:26, KJV).

A Healer

People referred to God by many different names or attributes in the Old Testament until His name was revealed at the birth of Jesus. However, one of those names was Jehovah Rapha, which means, the God who heals. We know the Lord is our healer, but there are many different ways that He can heal. In this study, we’ll look at how God heals us physically.

Present Illness

Many people wonder if God is a healer, why is there sickness. Disease and illness are a result of the fall of humanity. In the Garden of Eden, God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:16–17). But, they disobeyed and sickness was born out of disobedience. The immediate consequence for Adam and Eve was the separation from the tree of life (Genesis 3:22–24). However, the first death that occurred for them was a spiritual death.

Sickness in our life still occurs because we still have the same body that has the curse and judgment from God way back from the Garden. God’s original plan was never for His children to face sickness, but even after the fall, God had a plan for man (Genesis 3:15).

Instruction for Healing

God’s Word gives us instruction for receiving physical healing.

Exercising Personal Faith

In Scripture, the disciples faced a situation where their faith fell short and they were unable take part in healing a young boy. Jesus explained that some things aren’t conquered unless coupled with prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21). This teaches the believer that there is a part we must play to be used by God in physical healings. We are told signs will follow those that believe—one of which is the ability to lay hands on the sick and see them recover (Mark 16:17). God has invested the ministry of healing in the hands of His church; He desires to honor His Word and His people.

Faith must be present for physical healings. For Naaman to be healed of leprosy, he had to wash in the river Jordan seven times (II Kings 5:14). He received a healing because he obeyed the instructions of God’s Word  through the prophet and servant. The woman with the issue of blood was healed because of her faith (Mark 5:34). Healing will not come until we are obedient and believe God.

Our faith is increased when we hear the Word of God and the wonderful works of His hands (Romans 10:17). When we hear how God has healed others, our faith is increased and we believe He can do the same work in our lives.

Uniting with Other’s Faith

Our faith also must be coupled with other believer’s faith. We have greater faith for the healing of someone else than we do for ourselves. So, binding together in prayer and fasting with other Saints is vital to receive healing in God’s Kingdom.

In Scripture, we see an example where a man was sick of the palsy. Unable to move, his friends carried him to see Jesus. When they couldn’t get to Him because of the press, they climbed upon a roof and let the man down through the ceiling to reach Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith—the faith of the man’s friends—it resulted in the healing of the man’s body (Mark 2:5).

Moving Faith into Action

Faith is more than an attitude or a mindset—it starts in the mind and works its way outward. James tells us faith without works is dead (James 2:26); it doesn’t mean anything unless we do something about it.

In Scripture, a man with a withered hand met Jesus. When Jesus told Him to stretch forth his hand to receive healing, the restoration of his hand didn’t happen until the man himself stretched forth his hand (Mark 3:5). His faith needed action to receive the healing.

Seeking Physicians

If we need faith, other’s faith, and action to receive healing, is going to see a doctor a sign that we don’t believe? Physicians and medical care are mentioned in Scripture. We see the following examples:

Physicians are not God and there are healings that are above their knowledge and ability. Remember, God’s intervention in any physical difficulty should be sought, but using earthly remedies are not condemned in Scriptures. King Asa is an example of one who worshipped God, but sought out physicians to help heal his diseased feet (II Chronicles 16:12).

A Time for Healing

Physical healings are not always guaranteed. God wants to bless His children, but He is not obligated to (Job 1:21). There will be times God chooses to heal and other times when He does not. Remember His ways and thoughts are higher than ours; therefore, He knows what’s best for our lives (Isaiah 55:8–9). God’s grace may just be sufficient for us rather than a physical healing. In our weakness, His strength will be made perfect (II Corinthians 12:9).

There is coming a time when there will be no more sickness, no more pain, no more tears, and no more sorrows. There is coming a time when death will be swallowed up in victory (Isaiah 25:8), and God’s people will see a new heaven and new earth—former things will be passed away and all things will become new (Revelation 21:4). Whether God chooses to heal now or on the other side, He is still our healer.

Adapted from Wednesday Night Bible Study on November 1, 2017 with Pastor Nave