He’s a Keeper

by APC on December 28, 2016

It was a normal day—what day isn’t?—as I found myself behind the wheel of my car, in traffic again, awaiting the light to turn green. Being the anti-driver that I am, I listen to preaching and/or seminar sessions in the car to help make the driving experience bearable and pass by a little faster.

As my mind focused intently to the speaker’s words that day, a green light appeared in my peripheral vision. I moved my foot to the gas pedal, and prepared to advance into the intersection. But, for a brief moment, my shoe caught on the edge of the gas pedal, and it took a few seconds longer than usual to secure my footing to begin my forward propulsion.

Before I entered the intersection, a car—driving in opposing direction—came blazing through the intersection right in front of my car.

My heart leapt into my throat and my foot slammed back on the break. My mind immediately began to think about what would have been if I had already proceeded forward when that car blew the red light. What if my foot hadn’t caught on the pedal and I was able to move forward quickly—resulting in a direct impact?

I very possibly could have been hit by the oncoming car that day, but God had kept His hand of protection on me. If it weren’t for Him my life would probably be much different today.

And now, behold, the LORD hath kept me alive… (Joshua 14:10, KJV).

As we approach the end of another year, we’re presented with a wonderful opportunity to look back over the previous year and to see where God has brought us—the miracles He’s manifested, provision He’s provided, healings He’s handed out, and the like.

In people’s testimonies, I hear more individuals share what God has delivered them from instead of what God has kept them from. I don’t think we realize there is so much more to thank God for in regards to how He’s kept us than we could ever imagine!

In my own life, God kept me from enduring a terrible accident. But, He’s also kept me from terrible decisions, bodily sickness, financial strain, spiritual turmoil, and from Satan’s reach. God keeps us from so much, and there’s more He’s kept us from we have absolutely no knowledge about whatsoever.

When God provides deliverance, this is a blessing and a testimony. But, a larger part of our testimony should be about what God has kept us from. Deliverance is typically a “once-and-done” event, but God’s faithfulness in keeping us is a day-after-day, month-after-month, and year-by-year experience—it doesn’t end until He calls us home.

As we crest the New Year, I encourage all of us to look at what God has kept us from and praise Him for it. Be amazed in how our Protector has shielded us time after time. Be grateful there are unpleasant memories never to be had. Be thankful our God is a Keeper, and He’s kept us alive.