Have You Paid it Forward Today?

by APC on August 12, 2015

Paying it Forward is a fairly new concept taking America by storm. The premise of this philosophy is to extend an act of kindness (pay-it-forward) to someone—most often a stranger—once an individual becomes the recipient of a good deed. This is commonly reciprocated through monetary or product form, and isn’t typically offered to those truly in need.

Some people would claim their daily Starbucks fix is indeed a need, and it’s an act of divine providence when the Lord lays a burden on someone in front of them in line to pay for their triple espresso pump, caramel, mocha, latte (or whatever) beverage.

True acts of kindness and generosity are becoming less frequent in today’s society; extending a helping hand is the exception and not the norm. On occasion when we do feel charitable, many times we determine our benevolence based on convenience and/or after we’ve met our needs and wants first.

Can we sit back, take a moment to self-reflect, and honestly say we are doing all we can to help others? Are we taking part in supporting another person’s burdens or helping with their true need?

But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? (I John 3:17, KJV).

My Pastor preaches often when we see a need, it’s because the Lord wants us to take care of it. God has already blessed us with the resources, finances, ability, time—you name it—to fulfill that need. See someone who hasn’t been to church in a while? Call them up, visit them, and pray for them! See someone who is hard-pressed to pay their bills? Bless them financially! See a mess? Clean it up!

As Scripture states in I John 3:17, if we see a brother or sister in need and don’t do anything about it, can we say we have the love of God in us? Are we only willing to “pay-it-forward” when we’ve been the recipient of a blessing, when we have the time, or when we feel like it?

If we have the love of God in us, and claim to be Christians, we are commanded behave in like manner as Jesus Christ (I John 2:6). We’re also to treat others the same way we’d want to be treated (Luke 6:31).

If we feel our ability to bless others is contingent on being blessed, we are without excuse for by-passing any opportunity to “pay-it-forward.” The Lord of Glory blesses daily and us not because of anything we’ve done, but because He loves us (I John 4:19).

As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are in the household of faith (Galatians 6:10, KJV).

Paying it Forward isn’t a concept man devised in the last few years–it’s been in the mind of God since the beginning of time and was penned down in His Word for us to follow every day. When we see an opportunity to do good, to pay-it-forward, to be benevolent, to extend a helping hand—whatever we’d like to call it—we need to do it, and we need to do it often.

When we have the opportunity to bless, and we take it, the Lord will bless us back again, and again, and again (Luke 6:38). He even enables us to “pay-it-forward,” so why wouldn’t we do it? Have you paid it forward today?