God’s Time is On Time

by APC on June 01, 2016

Some people live their life by the motto:

To be early is to be on time; to be on time is to be late; to be late is to be forgotten.

Growing up, my family lived by this mantra everywhere we went. My parents had a detailed plan regarding how and when to leave the house for any occasion. Traffic patterns were analyzed, wind trajectories were compensated for, meteorology reports summoned, travel routes and arrival times calculated, alternate/detour routes were mentally noted, and even a potential child meltdown was anticipated in the leave time.

And today, nothing has changed. But, now I’m the one ensuring my arrival is at least 15 minutes prior to start time. Therefore, my departure time reflects this calculation, including the “madness” noted above, and then I tack on an additional 5–10 minutes for good measure.

I know I’m crazy—and my husband does too—but I’m not a party of one here; there are many people in this world obsessed with time. And, if I get real granular about it, as a whole this “group” is fanatical about punctuality.

Punctuality is important in life: business, relationship, family, education, etc. Show up late for your kid’s school play and you’ll miss your child’s one-minute-to-fame. You might be out of a job because of failure to abide by company attendance policies. You can miss an entire class or fail an assignment because a teacher has a zero tolerance policy on tardiness.

But, there’s this thing called humanity and it affects us all. Humans are prone to error and whether we like to admit it, we’re going to be late at one point in our lifetime. We may not make tardiness a habitual practice, but our ability to appear at a designed place, on time, 100% of the time, isn’t going to happen. The truth? We’re going to let someone down at least once.

We can, however, find comfort in knowing we serve a God who is able to defy the limitations of humanity. He alone is able to do everything and anything we cannot do. He, unlike the human population, is able to be on time—100% of the time!

How is this possible? He completes a work according to His time, and not our time (Ecclesiastes 3:11). His time isn’t charted by 24-hours, day of the week, or even the year. Because God operates in another dimension of time, He’ll always show up right on time; He’s never late. And, that is the only time that matters.

So, the next time we see someone in need, we can offer up a prayer to the One who is always on time. God couldn’t be late even if He tried! God is perfect in all of His ways and knows what we need, when we need them (Matthew 6:8).

And, we don’t have to worry about being late when doing a work for God. If we ask Him for help, He will help us complete the task, or come to a person’s aid, on time—whether we feel like we have or not. Remember all things are possible with God, and He will help us stay on (His) time!