Getting Our Rest

by APC on August 02, 2017

It’s no secret there’s a growing concern in the medical community about the global health of our society. Obesity is a widespread (and rapidly growing) problem, and our overall health is declining. Why? The short version is because we’re not exercising and we’re eating unhealthy foods.

The world we live in today is much different than the past. Life is moving by so quickly; people are multi-tasking and over-committing themselves at an alarming rate. And, with the technology movement, we think our hand-held devices possess some magical power that will iron out and/or handle the chaos we’ve created in our lives.

When we come home at the end of a long, eventful day of going 110 MPH—which really has been lived sitting for most of us—we sit some more (or sleep) and try to veg-out to get our minds and bodies to relax. The world drains every bit of life from us, and it comes from various aspects: family, jobs, school, extracurricular activities, etc. The sad reality is when we’re drained from the world, we’re drained from wanting to do anything. And, this includes spending time with God.

When our bodies have been pushed to the max, we don’t want to get up early (or stay up late) to spend time in prayer. When we’re mentally exhausted, sometimes the aspect of putting forth the brain-power to formulate sentences to pray seems overwhelming. When we spend most of the day reading at school or work, we don’t want to spend hours at home reading the Bible.

If I told you that spending time with God isn’t something that is going to drain, but refresh you, would you believe it?

To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest… (Isaiah 28:12, KJV).

I’ve talked about spiritual rest in blog posts before—and even recently—but I feel the Lord pressing me to revisit this topic again. Maybe it’s for me, or for someone out there who desperately needs to find rest.

Our rest, dear reader, isn’t going to come from closing our eyes, getting some shut eye, lazing about for a few hours looking at our phones, watching a movie, etc. Our rest and strength comes from time with the Lord, and praying through to the moment when the Holy Ghost washes over us with much-needed refreshment.

I’m not perfect, and I also struggle with this from time to time. But, I know when I get down on my knees to pray—sometimes with much drudgery—expend just a little bit of effort to connect with God, and allow His Spirit to pour into me, I get up more refreshed than any time spent in bodily rest. Sometimes even 15 minutes alone with God in prayer feel like more rest than 10 hours asleep.

Don’t get me wrong. Physical rest for the body is great. My recent vacation of lounging beside the ocean and gazing into long sunsets is something I definitely long for (mostly because I’m pretty sure this relaxing vacation has “worn off” already). But, God created our rest, our true rest to be daily. His rest is to to help us get through the stuff that tears us down and makes us head for the couch when we get home. And, that’s why we need to seek after His rest every day.

Instead of the bed or a comfy chair, we should seek something that may appear to have a little less physical comfort to begin with. By the time we’ve entered into a time of prayer with God, any bit of discomfort will be replaced with a peace and rest we can’t find anywhere else in this world.