by APC on August 15, 2018

Friendship is an important aspect of human socialization. We’ve all found friends in the oddest of places, strangest circumstances, and potential “meet cute” moments. There are friends who last for a lifetime and then others who breeze in and out of life as quickly as the weather changes. When the going gets tough…well, they’re not sticking around to see the relationship through.

I’ve learned to call these people “fair-weather” friends.

Friendship is wonderful when you experience fun-in-the-sun moments filled with glorious adventures, light-hearted laughter, and emotional-moving conversations. But, when a cloud drifts in and brings a little rain, which necessitates seeking shelter and the comfort of a friend, those fair-weather friends can’t stand being wet.

Fair-weather friends are only interested in sunshine. They’re not willing to hang around to see the rainbow appear at the end of the storm.

We’ve all known our share of fair-weather friends, but this isn’t the only group of fair-weatherers. I’d argue more people fall into this next bucket of folks, which group I call “fair-weather Christians.”

If you’ve fallen into the first category, you’ll most likely fall into the second. But, even if we’re committed to earthly friendships, I’ve found we’re not all the same when it comes to our relationship with God.

When money’s in the bank, our family is in good health, and our job’s secure, it’s easy to praise and worship the Lord. But, when our marriage is a mess, the creditors are knocking at the door, or we don’t receive a promotion, many of us like to give up on God. With the smallest raincloud on the horizon, we turn the other way to seek our own shelter instead of trusting the Master of the wind and the storm.

All this is come upon us; yet have we not forgotten thee, neither have we dealt falsely in thy covenant. Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from thy way (Psalms 44:17–18, KJV).

In Scripture, we find God’s people experiencing a little rain on their parade. They were running from their enemies, seeing their land plundered and scattered, standing in ridicule by other nations, facing constant humiliation, and wearing a seemingly badge of shame everywhere they went.

But, they didn’t allow a change in the weather affect their relationship with God. Through these torrential downpours they had not forgotten God or violated their covenant with Him. Their heart hadn’t turned back and they didn’t move away from Him. They stayed the course even if this meant getting a little wet.

God is looking for a people, a church, or a friend, that isn’t going to give up and go home on account of a little rain. He’s not looking for a fair-weather people, but those who are committed to Him—100% sold out, no matter what.

God only has the best in store for us, and secrets yet to reveal. We’ll never know all of who God is and what He wants to accomplish in our lives if we can’t learn to dance in the rain once in a while. Don’t be a fair-weather friend or fair-weather Christian. Be a child of God and leave the weather out of it.