Do You Déjà Vu?

by APC on July 20, 2016

Recently, I was traveling up north with my husband for a conference. I was haphazardly gazing out the window, more engaged in our conversation than paying attention to the scenery flitting before my eyes.

But, then it happened. My vision subconsciously started to focus on the landscape. My brain ever-so-slightly drowned out my husband’s voice. I began to experience a train of physical ailments, and I only had one string of consciousness running through my brain. I’ve seen this before. I’ve been here before.

It was none other than an unpleasant moment of déjà vu.

Déjà vu literally means already seen. When I get a feeling of déjà vu, I know what I’m experiencing in the moment has been experienced the exact way in the past.

We all react to and view our déjà vu experiences differently. Some déjà vu moments can be pleasant, especially if they elicit a feeling of nostalgia. At other times, particular instances of déjà vu emulate warning bells because we know if we continue to head down the path we’re on, it won’t have a happy ending.

I wonder if most of our déjà vu occurrences are actually from previous snafus in our life—life lessons we’ve learned, moved on from, and thought we’d never pass that way again. But, because of poor choices, and failure to actually learn a lesson, we’ve found ourselves in the same place yet again.

From my casual observances of humanity, and pesonal reflection, this happens a lot with our spiritual life.

Scripture makes mention of believers consuming milk and meat (I Corinthians 3:2). Early on in our Christian walk, we have an infantile relationship with God. We learn how to live for God, make a lot of mistakes, fumble through establishing a strong relationship with Jesus, and learn countless lessons. This is our milk stage.

As we grow in God, we learn new life lessons, glean deeper insights and wisdom into God and His Word, mature in our relationship with Him, and work toward a higher standard of accountability. This is our meat stage.

When we embark on our spiritual journey with the Lord, it’s never God’s desire for us to traverse the same roads, learn the same lessons, and eat the same thing. We’re to grow out of our milk stage! But, when we fail to grow, our milk stage becomes a bad déjà vu experience. We will continue to make the same mistakes and never progress past our déjà vu moments—into the true meat (Hebrews 5:12).

We need to get tired of our déjà vu moments and seek for new experiences and growth in the Lord. There are new revelations to glean from His Word, blessings to experience, Spiritual fruit to grow, and Spiritual gifts to operate in!

Yes, there are experiences in God we want to continue to experience day to day (e.g., the infilling of the Holy Ghost), but I’m talking about our walk with God. Don’t stay the same. Don’t do the same things. If we’re not growing and bearing fruit, God is going to prune us away (John 15:2).

Today is the day we can decide to change our path, our actions, and try some new food! We don’t have to live a life full of déjà vus. It’s up to you.