Do You Believe in Unicorns?

by APC on June 15, 2016

Have you ever met one of those people who never accept anything said to them at face-value? They need a fact, figure, statistical report, chart, or pivot table to back-up what was said? Or, they get out their calculator, abacus, Encyclopedia Britannica, or telescope and look it up themselves?

Not everyone you meet will be like this breed of human, but I promise there are a few of us around who like to see the occasional “proof” for something casually mentioned in conversation, book, or even a sermon.

Most adults have been jaded by their childhood experiences. After being beguiled into believing silly stories, fairy tales, and deceptive jokes, we’ve set our “belief meter” pretty low. We have a tendency to ignore hard-to-believe comments unless we have a notion to pull out our mobile device and say, “Siri…” or “Ok Google…” and ask for the real answer.

All of our belief standards may get a little rattled when we read Scripture. We know the Bible to be the infallible Word of God, and understand it was written by holy men as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (II Peter 1:21).

God cannot lie (Titus 1:2), and therefore, everything in His Word is truth. But, when we read Scriptures about dragon wells (Nehemiah 2:13) and unicorns (Job 39:9), we might get a little skeptical. When we can’t understand God’s Word at “face-value” our first instinct is to write it off as untruth.

I’ve had a shock or two when reading Scripture in my lifetime. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to double-back through a passage and reanalyze particular words, phrases, and/or concepts. Early in my Christian walk I was totally hung up on the unicorn thing. I stumbled at believing Scripture a bit—one, because I knew in my adult mind unicorns were creatures only mentioned in fairy tales. Two, I didn’t know how to read the Word of God.

There are concepts in God’s Word we can comprehend very easily. And, most of the time, the easy-to-understand stuff is easy for us to believe. But please understand, dear reader, God’s Word isn’t always meant to be easily understood at “face-value.” The deeper things, revelation that requires a little digging or studying (II Timothy 2:15)—like the passages about the unicorns—is intentional.

Believe it or not, God wants us to have a bit of an attitude when we read His Word. We shouldn’t accept something until we dig deeper and are sold out on some things. When we actually study God’s Word, and pray about understanding it, that’s when we’ll find out a unicorn isn’t some mystical white horse, with a pink flowing mane, pixie sparkles, and a golden, twisted horn protruding from its forehead. We’ll find out unicorn comes from the Hebrew word reem, which actually is a wild ox. Can you believe that? I sure can.

Understanding the Word of God is about having a relationship with Him and a willingness to draw closer to Him. We’re not going to find truth by pushing off Scripture as hard-to-believe. And, we’re not going to find Jesus that way either. When we study Scripture, with the help of the Holy Ghost (John 16:13), we’ll know truth and we’ll know why we know. And, we’ll be convinced of that truth without a shadow of a doubt—cynicism in our spiritual life can take a hike.

If you’re skeptical about Jesus today that’s okay. But, do some digging, praying, and maybe some fasting and you’ll get the answers you’re looking for. You’ll find the truth you need in life and your salvation. Bonus? You’ll lay hold to the truth that there are unicorns in the Bible.