Covered by a Foot

by APC on August 30, 2017

This week in our journey of discovery about spiritual footprints, we’ll see how a footprint is an area on a surface covered by something.

If you hadn’t realized by now in this article series, we’re talking about spiritual footprints and how significant they are. They leave lasting impressions on people, have power, and can be made on a variety of surfaces, immediately or over time. But, a footprint isn’t only confined to the area underneath our feet. It expands much farther than we realize.

God has not only promised to keep our feet, but to give us power (I Samuel 2:9). We really don’t believe in this promise or else our footprint trajectory would look much differently than it does today.

God told Abraham—the father of the faithful—the land in which he walked would be given to him (Genesis 13:14–17). The same promise was given by Moses to the children of Israel: where their feet had trodden would be their inheritance (Joshua 14:9). Every place where the soles of our feet (spiritual footprints) touch is promised to be ours (Deuteronomy 11:24)!

What does this mean? Our spiritual footprint (its impact and lasting impression) is no longer is confined to a specific 7–12 inch area, but broadens to an entire nation, creed, and people. The more we walk, witness, preach, and teach the Gospel, the greater footprint we make.

The grocery store clerk we witness to, the homeless person we give a warm meal, or the coworker we hold as they cry over the loss of a recent loved one—we leave our spiritual footprint on all of them. When we go into all the world to preach the Gospel, share our testimony, or be a light for Jesus in whatever capacity, we are placing a spiritual footprint and growing the Kingdom of God.

We are too afraid of what people will think when we step out in faith. We have forgotten the promise of the spiritual footprint—the “land” where we place our feet will be won. Let’s start claiming some things in the name of Jesus, walking to places, and talking to people we want in our lives and in God’s Kingdom!

Not only do we forget to take advantage of this promise, we also think about His promises as one-dimensional. Our spiritual footprint doesn’t just impact the natural, but penetrates the supernatural as well!

In Scripture, we see how Daniel’s prayers (his spiritual footprint) were so powerful, they transcended to the supernatural realm. Angels warred against each other to stop a message from getting back to him from God. His prayers shook the heavens and caused the Prince of Grecia (a demonic angel) to leave his post to come and fight along with the Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:20)!

Our spiritual footprints have the power to leave the tangible and go far beyond this world. We cannot let our spiritual footprint just be our shoe size. It needs to be a wider breath—an area on a surface—that’s larger than we can imagine. Don’t put God in a box. He’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or think according to the power that works in us (Ephesians 3:20)!

Today, I challenge all of us to get out into the world and expand our spiritual footprint. Let’s cover as much area (total footprint) as we can sharing the Gospel. And, let’s not neglect to get on our knees in prayer to impact the areas we cannot physically walk upon. Whether in person or in prayer, where we trod will be ours!