Breaking the Enemy’s Code

by APC on September 21, 2016

In the early 1920s, due to the aftermath of World War I, the German military began to use an “Enigma” machine to communicate in unintelligible, coded messages. The Enigma machine enabled its operator to type a message, then “scramble” it using a letter substitution system. To decode the message, the recipient needed to know the exact settings of the wheels—the particular code for the Enigma machine.

During World War II, British mathematicians and intelligence experts urgently worked to break the German’s Enigma code. In the 1940s, code-breakers succeeded in their plight. They cracked the Enigma code. They were able to unscramble German battlefield, naval, and diplomatic communications, and their efforts helped the Allies defeat the enemy.

Living in this world is much like being on a constant battlefield. Fiery darts from the enemy are ceaselessly flying around. We never know if our next step will be right into a trap or if we’ll lose our battle armor, or even worse, our weapon.

With every battle, some of the players may change, but we have one opponent who always stays the same—the devil (I Peter 5:8).

Some people think the devil’s ignorant; that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. But, he’s been around for a long time. He’s got more intel into tripping up the Saints of God than we could ever imagine. He has battlefield plans he’s tested, tried, and proven to knock down and defeat God’s children again and again.

Satan’s own battle strategy comes complete with coded messages, much like the ones generated from these Enigma machines. But the devil’s coded messages come in the form of doubt, lies, and deception (John 8:44). His messages are indecipherable, and have one purpose—to confuse the Saint of God. And, because the devil is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, we don’t know where his next attack will be (Matthew 7:15).

Saint of God, if you’re tired of being beat up by the devil, be encouraged today that you don’t have spend time cracking his code before you can fight. His code has already been broken.

We serve a mighty God who’s given us Satan’s Enigma code, and He’s documented it in His Word. God has outlined every battle plan the devil’s ever made in Scripture. He’s warned us about his wiles, given us intel into his arsenal, and revealed where the devil tries to pinpoint his attacks.

But, more than insight into the devil’s Enigma code, we have been given the ability to overcome his attacks—to anticipate his moves, to stockpile the right defense mechanisms, and to know what weapons to deploy.

When you’re faced by an attack from the enemy today, it’s time to start breaking some code—to start deciphering the enemy’s plans. It’s time to start living like the empowered child of God that you are! It’s time for you to map out the devil’s next step, step up your defense, and come out victoriously in the power of Jesus’ name.

Don’t be ignorant of the devil’s devices today (II Corinthians 2:11). Get in the Word, start planning your defense, and you’ll be ready when the enemy attacks.