Accentuate the Positive

by APC on June 29, 2016

Things happen in life and we, or others around us, react differently than expected. A person cries when we think they should laugh, gets scared when we think they should be angry, or is negative when we think they should be positive. Why do we expect a different response?

We assume others will react to varied situations or circumstances based on how they have responded to the same situation in the past. We’re not alone in our assumptions. Someone else is making them too.

The devil, our main adversary (I Peter 5:8), constantly tries to attack us. And, in his strategic plan to assault us, one of his main goals is to elicit a negative response.

Satan is aware from his previous workings with mankind that humans can be deceived, hurt, or stripped of everything in this life, and our knee-jerk reaction is to be negative. Some can override this immediate reaction, but then experience a slow decline into this undesirable state.

Job was man who was blessed and had a wonderful relationship with the Lord (Job 1:1–5). God allowed the devil to wreak havoc in his life—his possessions were destroyed, children killed, and health affected.

While Job never cursed God, after a while his joy started to slip, his emotions started to change, and he started to feel negatively about his life. Between his wife encouraging him to curse the Lord, his friends bringing tidings of depression, and the devils constant attacks, Job struggled to maintain his positive outlook on life.

It’s easy for us to think that life circumstances, other people, or even the devil can affect our emotions—putting us in a negative mindset. But, we have the ability to think and choose how we want to feel. When we experience a trial, we can choose to praise God for it.

Others don’t make us feel poor, sad, or negative. We choose to feel poor, sad or negative. While the devil assumes his attacks on our life will automatically produce a negative outcome, we have a choice in how we want to react. And, that reaction can be the opposite of what he expects and what we, or others, have done in the past.

How can we do this? Keep the presence of God in our life! Not only will we have joy that can’t be taken away by anyone (I Peter 1:8), but the powerful presence of God working in our life will produce continued praise and positivity. We’ll have power through the Holy Ghost to praise when we should weep, fight when we should surrender, and maintain positivity in the negative!

When we have joy deep down inside of us, the devil can throw anything our way, and our response can always be positive. The devil will always look for a negative response, but he discounts what the power joy and presence of the Lord can do in our life.

Today, I encourage you to change how you respond to the negativity in your life. Instead of automatically feeing poorly about something. Choose to experience and maintain joy in your life. It’s up to you to accentuate the positive.