When the Enemy Comes In

by APC on October 10, 2018

Recently, when spending time with family, my two-year old nephew approached me. He carried a Bop It, and wanted it turned on. But, with an innocent arm gesture toward the game, I learned in a matter of seconds that the Bop It was Phase I of a much larger operation.

I was sitting on the fireplace hearth, with all sorts of objects around me that were gateways of fun (and mischief) to a little boy with arms and legs like a mid-sized octopus.

The moment he handed me the Bop It, his other hand grabbed a touch-light nearby. As my left-hand grabbed the light, my nephew’s other hand went straight down into my water glass. Releasing both touch-light and Bop It, I held on to the water glass and unearthed my nephew’s hand with the other. And, then somehow his other hand reached 3 feet away to accomplish Phase II of his masterminded plan: turning the fireplace gas key.

I soon realized how unprepared I was for this attack and was in much need of help to wrangle in this tiny bundle of mayhem.

So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him (Isaiah 59:19, KJV).

The enemy of our soul will distract us so he can flood into another area of our life undetected. While we’re paying attention to one thing, we discover his destruction in another area of life a bit late. Sometimes he moves in quick succession, and sometimes it’s gradual, but calculated.

If I’ve ever seen a more perfect example of this enacted in my life, it was my nephew coming at me with one aim—to turn the fireplace key. After the blur of activity, all I knew was that I needed help.

I’m an incredible novice when it comes to children, and sincerely didn’t know the “danger” I was in when my nephew approached. But, just as quickly as his hands went everywhere, there were four other adults on the scene just as fast. While I was being distracted, unaware of the situation I was in, my two sisters and parents were already on their feet, making their way toward me to diffuse the situation.

When I finally looked up at the moment of defeat, someone was already turning the key back into position, someone picked up my nephew, someone was moving other objects up and out of his future reach, and someone was making sure my water wasn’t spilled any further. There was strength, power, and support all around me delivering me in my time of need. And, I didn’t even have to ask.

Scripture tells us when our enemy attacks, God will come in with His authority and power and defeat them. In the heat of the battle, God will be there on the scene before we can even formulate the words to ask. But, even in the times we don’t even know we need help, God’s glory is already present, working in the background. When we finally look up, we’ll see the Lord’s delivering power already there, taking care of what we didn’t even know we needed at the onset of our trial.

Dear brother or sister, remember the Lord is always close to His children. Help is on the way before you even know it. And, even when you’re not wholly paying attention to what the enemy is doing in your life, God’s already up and fighting for you.

And, the great thing about all of this? You won’t be ignorant of the enemy’s future devices. You’ll be 100% prepared with the tools the Lord’s given you to conquer the enemy. And, as for me, mini octopus-man isn’t going to get to the fireplace key on his aunt’s watch at our next encounter.