The Upper Room

by APC on November 07, 2018

I was speaking with a dear Sister not too long ago, who shared with me her journey in coming to the Lord. As a child, she had a kinship with God—loving every moment she was in His house. But, there was still something missing. Something would stir within her as she sat in church. As the preacher shared God’s Word, she could feel the Lord’s presence all around her, but that was it, nothing more.

There were days she’d long to expedite her childhood so she could join the youth for their church services. Up the stairwell, on the second floor, young men and women would gather for worship. They met in what was known as the “Upper Room.” She always knew something exciting was bound to happen in that room, which was all the more reason to desire entrance.

She knew Scripture spoke about an outpouring of the Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost. This had happened in a place, which was also known as the “Upper Room.” And there, the fire of God’s presence fell (Acts 2:1–4). Subconsciously, she knew the fire of God’s presence needed to fall in her life, but didn’t know when or how it would happen.

Years later, as a young woman, she met a man who invited her to church. When she stepped into the service that day, every childhood longing was immediately awakened. Albeit she was in another place, another moment in time, she felt the same stirring within her. She knew this is what she had been looking for her entire life.

She had found an Upper Room that day, and experienced her own personal Pentecost. She felt the true fire—no longer just around her, but finally within her—as she was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was an experience that changed her life. From that moment, she knew she had found something real. Something she couldn’t express or define as a child finally became a reality to her as an adult.

After telling me her story, she made a simple statement. Even as a child she always desired an upper-room experience. And, even today, she still longs for that experience daily.


Just as God gives every man a measure of faith, I believe He instills in us a desire to seek His fire. As children, we have an innocence about us and readiness to believe in something greater than the natural. As we progress into adulthood, that desire and mentality is squandered by reality and human reason. Very rarely do we have an opportunity to step back in time and readopt the sincere heart of our former selves, or find what the mind of our youth sought after so desperately.

We cannot allow the world—or ourselves—to convince us that the Upper Room was a place and/or an experience only for the Book of Acts church. The 120 in the room that day were adult believers, who sought the power God promised (Luke 24:49).

They are no different from us today. We are believers. We are His children. We are a part of His church. Why not seek after what is still being promised to God’s children today? He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

The experience of the Pentecost is not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Upper Room is not only found in Jerusalem. The ability to believe in a God that can work the supernatural is not only found in the heart of a child.

Find your Upper Room today. Whoever you are, wherever you are, get alone with God, and ask for His fire to fall. Don’t wait any longer wondering what the Upper Room looks or feels like. You can find it if you seek it (Matthew 7:7–8). Once you experience your own personal Pentecost, you’ll desire to step into the Upper Room every day.