The Transcendence of Remembrance

by APC on January 01, 2020

It’s the New Year, and the struggle is real folks. It’s a struggle for me to get back into the rhythm of getting up early and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Somehow staying up late to ring in the New Year comes back to get you the older you are. But, I struggle with other things…. Other things, like remembering what year I’m in. This struggle lasts for a while.

Does this happen to anyone else? You’re weeks (and for me, ashamedly months) into the new year, and still write last year’s date. No matter how hard I try to remember we’ve past the cusp of 365 days, and have existed several days into a new epoch of time, I’m still writing the wrong year. It’s a long time before I gain enough confidence not to pause before writing the date and can just rely on instinctual repetition. It takes significant time and investment to overcome the yearly struggle just to remember!

Entering the realm of a new era of time isn’t just cause to remember the former year, or that the date has changed. It’s important to remember a few other things too:

Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually. Remember his marvellous works that he hath done, his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth (I Chronicles 16:11–12, KJV).

Scripture reminds us our remembrance should transcend beyond acknowledging the passing time or crossing the finish line into another realm. Our remembrance should take quite a different turn: a turn toward God.

We’re called to remember God’s marvellous works. Our recollection doesn’t just need to be confined to the previous year, but can expand to reflect on the ones beyond the yearly marker of time. The dawn of a new year should remind us to look back in awe and reverence at what God has done, and how wonderful He truly is.

But, remembrance of our Lord doesn’t just come with the new year, but follows our desire to seek Him continually. Seeking a relationship with God doesn’t just occur at the start or end of a year. This happens every day—continually throughout the past, present, and future years in which we exist this on side of Heaven.

So, what does this mean? As you enter this year, don’t just praise God for making it and the future ahead. Praise Him for the past. Praise Him for the present. Seek to develop a deeper relationship with Him. Stand in awe and wonder at His greatness. And, do it all continually—all year and into the next—and see just where the act of remembrance and praise takes you with God.