The Quiet Game

by APC on April 15, 2020

Confined to a small space with one’s small children is never at the top of anyone’s list. It sure wasn’t desirable for either of my parents—three girls; sixteen-hour road trip. You do the math.

During those long hours in the car, my parents had a favorite game for us girls to play: the quiet game. Ever heard of it? Whoever invented this game should be awarded the highest honor, face put on a stamp, and revered by every parent (and aunt) throughout all time.

The goal of the game—to remain as silent as possible for as long as possible. The winner? A cherry-flavored Lifesaver.

With such high stakes, my sisters and I were all in it to win it, much to the ardent delight of my parents. On a good day, we could stay silent upwards of an hour, but normally, the game would score my parents somewhere around twenty minutes of sanity.

The game was a good thing for all involved. My parents would be able to relax for a bit, focus on the road, regain their composures, or have an uninterrupted, adult conversation. My sisters and I learned patience, fortitude, and a concept that transcended both the physical and spiritual realms: a reward for waiting in silence.

It is good that one waits quietly for the salvation of the LORD (Lamentations 3:26, AMP).

Scripture tells us plainly that it’s a good thing to wait quietly. For those of you who were hoping “quietly” means something else entirely in the Hebrew, I’m sorry to disappoint you. It means what it says—silence. But, waiting in silence doesn’t just mean to sit in silence. It means to rest or be at ease. It also means to rest or bow down and meditate thereon.

It’s interesting to me that this verse is tucked away inside the lamentations of the prophet Jeremiah. This speaks volumes of how we’re to conduct ourselves amid the trials and tribulations of life. However, it also sets a standard for how we should pursue a relationship with God. Quietness is important and more essential when coupled with waiting.

In our spiritual walk with God, finding moments of quiet are vital. We find these times of silence in prayer when we seek to listen for the voice of God. We find these moments when we pull our chairs up to the table of God and dine on His heavenly Word. We find these instances when our ears are tuned into hearing the spiritual leadership in our lives.

When we wait on the Lord in silence, He preserves our outward and inward man. He keeps us hidden from the enemy and opens our souls to His Spirit that will lead us to our ultimate reward. And, there it is—the true reward for waiting quietly on the Lord. Heaven. Salvation. Him.

Today, I encourage you, dear reader, to surrender to the quiet. Engage in God’s quiet game every day of your life. It’s not an easy feat, and sometimes the silence can seem like it lasts forever. But, the winner of the game earns more than a cherry Lifesaver. You secure an intimate relationship with our Savior, experience the earnest of His presence here on earth, and are promised a home with Him in Heaven.

Play the quiet game with me today and see what God says in the silence.