The Lame Lion Excuse

by APC on April 10, 2019

Recently at the home of my sister and brother-in-law, I observed an interesting exchange. While in mid-conversation, one of the children bounded through the room. My sister—with the greatest peripheral vision of mankind—stopped momentarily to give direction to her offspring. My nephew gave an invalid (albeit humorous) excuse as to why he couldn’t complete such a request. (I think it had something to do with an unconstitutional detour of his remote-control car.)

My nephew’s excuse had absolutely no bearing whatsoever as to why he couldn’t complete the request, but in his childlike mindset, his excuse was 100% valid. He understood the request, evaluated his agenda, and provided rationale as to why it wasn’t feasible to comply. While it made perfect sense to him, the adult population equated his logic as A + caterpillar = mc².

At the apex of the conversation, the reason my nephew didn’t want to obey his mother boiled down to one very simple fact—sheer laziness.

I initially chuckled at his lazy attitude and remembered how I’d been the same as a child. Even more so, I’d come up with some of my own brilliant excuses. Thinking back, I realized they were all self-centered and perpetuated by a lazy mentality. How fortunate was I to have grown up and surpassed this state of mind and being! Or, so I thought…

The lazy person [who is self-indulgent and relies on lame excuses] says, “There is a lion in the road! A lion is in the open square [and if I go outside to work I will be killed]!” (Proverbs 26:13, AMP).

Truthfully, no matter how old we get, we can’t escape a lazy mentality. We just don’t grow out of it. We were all born into sin and the lazy gene is a part of our DNA—lock, stock, and barrel. Our ability to fabricate some humdinger lazy excuse doesn’t end with childhood; it continues into our adulthood. And amazingly enough, we’re just as oblivious to the infallibility of our logic as adults as we were as children.

Like our parents, God asks us to do things all the time. When it disrupts our current plans, requires work, or doesn’t fit into our timeframe, we come up with lame excuses. Why? Because we’re LAZY!

Our logic is similar to what’s presented in the Scripture above. It doesn’t make sense! The person giving this excuse pretty much was saying 1) there are lions in the world, 2) they live outside, 3) we must go outside in transit to work, 4) because we’re in the same out-of-doors location, we’re going to encounter a lion, 5) we’ll most definitely be killed by one; therefore, 6) we can’t work. That’s what I call a lame lion excuse. It’s outright laziness!

I think we can agree this sounds idiotic coming from someone else. But, this is what every response (due to our lazy flesh) sounds like to God. It makes sense in our minds, but in God’s ears, it’s a lame lion excuse. Each time, we’re pretty much saying we can’t do it because we might be eaten by a lion.

If we keep a consistent prayer life and stay in the Word, the perpetual influence of God’s Spirit in our lives will help us curb our lazy attitudes and lame lion excuses. He’ll help us immediately see our nonsensical excuses. He’ll help reveal our lazy spirit. And He’ll and urge us to surrender to the call of action in His Kingdom. Let’s all commit to shape up, get to work, and get outside. I promise you won’t have to fear a lion coming to get you any time soon.