The End Times: Part III

Last week, our study of the Book of Revelation and the End Times continued with examining the overarching themes, and introducing the breaking of the 7 seals. This week, we will reveal seals 2–7, trumpets, and vials. Seven Seals Second Seal: Red Horse The second seal will be a rider on a red horse who will steal the illusion of peace from the earth. He will have a great sword and will simulate war (Revelation 6:3–4). The overarching reference to “earth” in this passage of Scripture denotes more of a global rather than national event. Third Seal: Black Horse The third seal will be a rider on a black horse with a balance in his hand. There will be famine in the land with his arrival (Revelation 6:5–6). There is speculation as to what will cause the famine and when it will begin (possibly with the arrival of the red … Continue reading The End Times: Part III