Success After the Sunshield

by APC on November 20, 2019

I came to the realization some time ago that I don’t always have good ideas. I was painfully reminded of this fact after I made a recent purchase of a collapsible car sunshield. It was of a sleeker design, huge space-saver, and it would definitely hold its shape and stay put under my car visors.

After my purchase, I eagerly opened the package, situated the sunshades in position, and went inside. Hours later, I returned to my vehicle and attempted to re-collapse the twisting sunshades. Alas, they didn’t morph back into a small circle in my hands. Instead, the garbled mess quickly sprung forth, ricocheted off the windshield and steering wheel, and propelled right into my nose.

After several futile attempts, I frustratingly tossed the rather large shields into my back seat (they weren’t upholding their space-saver guarantee at this point). I drove to the church, calming myself on the drive. Upon arrival, I began my attempt at round two of collapsing the sunshades.

No matter how much I struggled with my sunshield I kept failing in my plight. Regardless of how I twisted those sun panels, nothing would lead me to the final product I desired. In every attempt, I was also getting beaten up—clocked in the face in some capacity.

And, then it happened. The noise forming at the back of my throat caught me off guard as it whooshed pasted my lips. Instead of an expected snarl, it burst forth in the strangest form: hysterical laughter. As this sunshield flapped around my car, bonking me numerous times in the head, I couldn’t do anything but giggle until I cried.

Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise… (Micah 7:8, KJV).

We will fail in this life; it’s a guarantee. Through our failures, the devil will try to make us feel worthless and helpless. He’ll crush our self esteem by taunting us with our simplistic tasks, shining a light on our inadequacies and shortcomings.

When we fail, it’s easy to want to run and hide, or curl up in a ball and cry. But, we must keep trying; keep pushing forward until we succeed. We cannot listen to the crippling words of the enemy, but be encouraged in the Word of the Lord. We cannot be cast down in spirit, but rejoice as we move forward and try again.

Even in our failures, God gives us joy. How I became taken in a droll of laughter is all because of God. His Spirit inside of me gives me joy even in the worst of circumstances. He helps me exemplify joy when the devil thinks I should be down and out. And, God gives me encouragement to try again and succeed.

That night at church, my sister came to my rescue. She not only conquered the non-collapsible sunshade, but allowed me to record it on video (for future viewing), demonstrated it multiple times so I could understand how to do it, and then supervised me to ensure I could emulate the activity myself with success—several times over. God moved me from a moment of failure to success in a brief moment. And, He gave me joy in the process.

If you’re struggling today to overcome or conquer something in your own life, remember a few things. Keep trying and don’t give up. God will give you strength to complete and succeed. And, you’re going to have a little bit of fun while doing it. Don’t listen to the devil and join his pity party. Arise and comprise yourself with praise.