Slowing Down God’s Plan

by APC on January 15, 2020

Decades past, my family would frequent a local waterpark during the summer months. It was a haven for anyone eager to cool off from the heat. One of the main features of the park was an exhilarating water slide. To reach the top, you’d voyage on a five-minute ascent, on a questionable wooden staircase that towered floors from the ground and disappeared into the clouds above. Exhausted after arrival, you had but a brief few moments to normalize your breathing before embarking on a thrill of a lifetime.

On one such adventure, I reached the apex of the staircase, and witnessed as a father and child were given the green light to plunge to their deaths. I watched as they slid, quite slowly, down the curvature of the slide. After a significant span of time, the duo crested the safety point—a juncture determined as a safe distance for the next daredevil to be released for their own cruise to a watery grave.

Warning bells rang in my mind. The pair had taken much too long to reach the safety point and clearly would traverse the remainder of the slide at the same pace. I hesitated to step forward to mount the slide. The lifeguard signaling riders became impatient with my dawdling. I expressed my alarm, but the highly-educated teenager wasn’t going to heed the concern of a lowly grade-schooler. Shoved into position, I reluctantly slid down the waterslide.

My fear quickly faded as I became overcome by the thrill of the ride—sloshing around every bend and closely hugging the edges. But, my thrill was short-lived. In a matter of seconds, I was upon the father and son, my legs crashing painfully into their backs.

With rushing water all around me, there wasn’t anything to grab onto to slow my progression into the backsides of these poor people. Then, by nothing short of a miracle, I was able to spider my appendages in such a way to “clog” myself in the middle of the slide. Hanging on for dear life, I prayed silently that I could hold on long enough to give room for the pair to safely reach the pool below.

Mid-prayer, I was ripped free of my literally man-made dam. The next water-slider, carrying on his own merry way, had caught up to me, slamming into my wet, feeble frame. Together we whisked down the slide, unable to stop ourselves from the shear force of the water. Seconds later, we tumbled into the water together. Soon after, we were both out of the pool, aside father and son, all bewildered, bruised, but not broken. We were amazed we all made it in one piece.

For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time; it hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail (Habakkuk 2:3, AMP).

In my walk with God, I’ve been a position many times when I don’t want to step into God’s plan because it’s moving too fast—it looks weird to me or something seems a bit off. Once I eventually get shoved into it, I find myself colliding with stumbling blocks left and right. I try desperately to stop what God’s trying to do because it doesn’t seem to be right by human standards.

As in the case of my water-slide experience, it was God’s will (and maybe gravity’s) for me to make it to the bottom of the slide. I didn’t get to progress according to my timeline, and the ride wasn’t as smooth as one would expect, but I made it to the bottom. I didn’t die, and I took a few people with me, who also survived by the miraculous hand of God.

God’s plan will happen whether we’re ready for it or not. It will come to pass, sometimes quickly, no matter how adamant we are about delaying it. But, if we give in and let God take control of His plans, we’ll see how He’ll guide us through, sometimes the most turbulent of waters, and bring us safely out on the other side. We might just take a few people with us who will enjoy the ride too. If you’re in a waterslide moment in your walk with God, don’t try to slow down His plan. Jump in and embark on a thrill of a lifetime.