Shine Forward

Church is more than a service. It's people living life together and helping one another. Each week, our various groups come together to learn about God, work for Him, pray, eat, laugh and live. These are our ministries—and they're the heart of our church.


THE CHURCH is our new Daughter church in Normal! We are excited to bring our fellowship and God's word into the town of Normal. Do you live in Normal? Come worship with us!

THE CHURCH information

Location: 1607 Visa Drive,Normal, IL 61761

Service Times: Sunday @ 2pm and Thursday Bible Study @ 6:30pm

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WORSHIP: The awesome, overwhelming presence of God

We worship with one goal: to lead others into the awesome, overwhelming presence of God. We believe that if we can usher people into His presence, they will be able to find everything they need!

Worship with Us

Praise Team: Leads the congregation in worship for APC's Sunday services. Members attend a monthly music practice on Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings. Praise members meet before each service to practice songs for worship.

Sanctuary Choir: A traditional choir, involving church members ages 12 and up. The Sanctuary Choir members attend a monthly music practice on Sunday afternoon and perform once a month.

Youth Choir: Comprised of young people through 12th grade and their youth leaders. Members sing songs that are less traditional, but appeal to all ages! Youth Choir members attend a monthly music practice on Sunday afternoons and perform once a month.

Junior Choir: Includes youth from Kindergarten to 6th grade. They sing songs that target younger children which helps promote a love for Christ at an early age.

Praise Band: Musicians of all instrument types accompany the praise team in worship for APC's Sunday services. Musicians meet twice a month to practice new material.

Ensembles: Various vocal and instrumental groups combine to sing and/or play during Sunday services and meet for practices as needed.



PRAYER: Deepening Our Relationships with Jesus

Sometimes, it's a challenge to wait for Jesus to respond. But, through consistent and fervent prayer, we allow ourselves to draw closer to Him, deepening our relationship and understanding of who He really is.

Over time, this open communication helps us to gain confidence and shows us that we really can trust in Jesus - and trust that he will answer our prayers!

Where 2 or More Are Gathered

Tuesday Prayer: Join us every Tuesday, as we come together to pray for each other and our communities.

Waiting for the Fire

The Power of Fervent Prayer: "I've been reading a wonderful book recently about the importance and power of prayer by Thetus Tenney called God, Can You Hear Me Now: Heaven's Wireless Connection. It has been incredibly moving and powerful and has evoked conviction in my life to take my prayers to a higher level [...]"



OUTREACH: Bridging the Gap Between the Community and the Church

The great commission tells us to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." [Matthew 28:19]

If we desire to follow Jesus each and every day, then we must put our words into action. Jesus calls us to reach out to others - to love them, respect them, and share His truth - everywhere we go.

As individuals, and as a body of Christ, we must bridge the gap that lies between the community and the church.

How You Can Help

Food Pantry: Operating weekly, the food pantry provides for the needs of over 40 families throughout our community.

Bus Ministry: Dedicated to covering two routes every Sunday and Wednesday, providing transportation for young children and adults to attend church activities.

Bible Studies: Provided, as requested, to build relationships while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.



Deaf Ministry

We welcome all Deaf, and Hard of Hearing persons, to join us as all events are signed in ASL and spoken. Here at APC, our ASL (American Sign Language) ministry is alive and continues to grow as deaf and hearing people find opportunities for fellowship and Bible study together.

DivorceCare Ministry

DivorceCare is a divorce recovery support group where you can find help and healing from the hurt of divorce.

Join Us

Our support group meets once a week for 13 weeks. The current schedule is: Every Thursday evening from 6pm-8pm beginning June 9th, 2022



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Youth Groups

It's hard enough being a kid, let alone a student or young adult in today's fast-paced world. We are bombarded by technology, advertisements, and conflicting emotions pulling at us from all directions. Why go through that alone? Friendships made in youth groups can grow into lifetime friendships and help keep us on track as we pursue the will of God in our own lives. If you're not part of a youth group, we urge you to check us out and become a part of our family.

KINGZ KIDZ: A Place to Know the Love of Jesus

FOR AGES 3-11 // An active faith toward God and His Word should be established in a child's life as early as possible. This foundation, laid in the heart of a child, is essential for them to stand strong in a world that is filled with things contrary to the principles given by God's Word.

Connecting Kidz

Sunday School: Children of all ages can attend age-appropriate classes at 10:00am.

Kidz Zone: Wednesday night, children join with others their age for refreshments, games, and other activities that teach Godly values.

5th Sunday Kidz Church: On the 5th Sunday of the month, all of the children join in our new Children's Chapel for a power-packed hour of singing, puppets, games, and Bible stories.

Vacation Bible School: Every summer your child will have the opportunity to enjoy a week filled of fun! They will engage in action-packed worship, interactive Bible lessons, crafts, games, and food.

Kidz Connection: Kids are constantly on the move at APC. There are too many activities to name them all, but to name a few: Kidz Choir, church summer camp, trips to the Pumpkin Patch and the City Museum in St. Louis.



REMIX: The Church within Our Church

For ages 12-17 // Remix encourages junior and senior high youth to create a song representing the Most High that speaks loud and clear to everyone that is listening in hopes that all decide to sing along.

We desire for each and every young person to draw closer to one another, and to develop individual God-given ministries, gifts, and talents in service to God and others. At APC, Remix allows our youth to take ownership in what is their Church within the Church.

Create Your Song

Wednesday Night Fusion: Fusion is a combined youth service with our Remix and Hyphen groups where we teach on a broad range of topics that speak to both age groups. It is also a time where the the youth get hands experience with leading the praise and worship as well as a time of prayer that allows them to personally minister to their generation.

Sunday Morning Jam: Jam is a laid back type of atmosphere in a Sunday school class setting. We discuss and talk about many different subjects that pertain to the life and the challenges that young people face in their walk with God.

Youth Camp: Every summer our students can attend state wide camp that takes place in Wapella, IL on the UPC campgrounds. It's a week long stay that places youth amongst many of their peers and a large team of leaders and monitors. Through various activities and sessions, the youth will build many relationships with one another and also with Jesus Christ.



HYPHEN: Side-by-Side at the Crossroad in Life

For ages 18-30 // Young adults should know how important their role is in the Kingdom of God and to APC! We stand side-by-side with young adults who are at a crossroad in their life, helping to seek out and pursue their calling in Christ.

Our close-knit group of 18-30 year olds funnels their energy, ideas, creativity, and passion into reality, by teaching, leading, and equiping each other for all of life's challenges and opportunities.

Events and Special Services

PULSE ISU: Pulse is a Campus Ministry International (CMI) Chapter located within the heart of ISU. It was formed to enable and encourage students to effectively spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Hyphen Retreat: A gathering of young adults (18-30) from across the state of Illinois typically held in May. Young people attend sessions regarding life issues, and partake in a variety of fun activities including: high-ropes, volleyball, basketball, etc.

Hyphen Trip: An annual overnight trip to engage in sight-seeing, fellowship, and fun activities. This is a way for young adults to get away from their normal everyday life.

APC Youth Week: Our Youth Week is a time we set aside usually in the month of March to bring together our young people from both the Remix and Hyphen for a short getaway. It gives students the opportunity to grow collectively as a unit and to rededicate themselves to God.

North American Youth Congress: NAYC is an every other year gathering of all the UPC youth in the nation (roughly 18,000 of them!). Bringing us all together in one of the nations larger cities to lift up and praise the name of Jesus. It is a fun filled time with lots of memories and lots of Jesus.



Growing Together

God never intended for us to live in silos, isolated from each other and the rest of the world. In order to grow and mature in our faith, we must be willing to share our lives and deepen our relationships with one another. Because, when we come together as a whole, we can radically redefine our community—the community that exists beyond the walls of our church.

FAMILY LIFE MINISTRIES: Bringing Families Together

Family Life Ministries strives to meet the needs of every married couple; young and old, nearly weds to those married 50 years and more. There is something for everyone.

We have 4 stages of events that we offer to our marrieds and families. Couples are welcome to attend any of the marrieds events that best fit their schedules regardless of the stage they are in.


Hitched: Newly marrieds, no kids

Family Foundations: Families with young children

Journey: Families with older children

GEMs: Graduated, empty nester, milestones and still spicy



CHAMPION MEN: Men Working Together for the Kingdom of God

Our men desire to be spiritual leaders and examples to their family, friends, and other church members. To reinforce those values into our daily lives, we help promote the fellowship and friendship of the men of APC, as they work together to further the Kingdom of God.

Become a Champion

Men's Conferences: The men attend at least two Men's Conferences annually: in Herrick, Illinois and the Chicagoland area. Events can consist of a single night or an overnight trip, allowing men to worship and praise together, listen to anointed preachers with messages geared toward them, and fellowship with other men of God.

Prayer Breakfast: The men get together every other month at a designated location to engage in prayer and Bible study. This fellowship event gives our men an avenue to be involved with the church and the community.

Other Activities: APC men get together to fellowship with each other through a variety of fun activities such as: golf outing, camping trips, or a "men's night out", dining at a local restaurant.



LADIES MINISTRY: Growing Our Faith in Christ

The Ladies Ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith in Christ, to develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community for Christ.

Build Friendships

Ladies' Retreat: The ladies travel to Effingham, Illinois annually in the fall to fellowship with other women from Illinois. This is an opportunity for ladies to hear messages catered for them and to attend age-specific sessions (ages 16–18, 18–29, and 30 an up).

Bible Studies: Ladies meet two nights a month to engage in Bible study on topics near and dear to a woman’s heart. Ladies learn how to apply the Word to their day-to-day life, engage in discussion, and swap stories, testimonies, and strategies on how to be a woman of God in today’s world.

Fellowship Activities: Throughout the year, the APC ladies participate in many different fellowship activities including craft nights, prayer meetings, and a "ladies’ night out.”




Lift is a Christ-centered recovery, healing, and growth program that provides a safe place to heal, change, and grow. Through our ministry, we offer a place to find love and support.

Join us and celebrate victory every Thursday from 7:00-9:00PM.

Why are ministries important? The simple answer—it helps you and it helps others. Read Why You Should Be Involved.