On Endless Repeat

by APC on March 27, 2019

My sisters and I always had a song on our heart growing up. What began as a mental melody would catalyze into a vocalized version before long. Therefore, “singspirations” were commonplace in our home, especially in the kitchen or on the backyard swing set.

A heart made merry with music brought joy to all most of the time, but it posed 2 trepidations for my Dad. One, when all three daughters were in songbird mode, we never sang the same song at the same time, ever. We each walked—literally—to the tune of a different song. My Dad’s tolerance in listening to 3 different songs sung simultaneously wasn’t high (and I don’t blame him).

And two, our hummed, whistled, or belted warbles were typically of the Disney kind. The kids running around now-a-days chirping Frozen songs pale in comparison to the redundant chanting of our treble-trio. The end result? The famed Disney song became stuck in my Dad’s head for the remainder of the day on infinite repeat. This didn’t bode well for him especially when he was caught mid-whistle by a coworker and asked how many times he’d seen Robin Hood.

I take partial responsibility for the nature of the content that became lodged in my Dad’s mind. I don’t take responsibility, however, for his office performance. And furthermore, I don’t take ownership for the innate capability mankind has to sing a song on endless repeat. Our family had a dinner table conference about the first item, my Dad had a self-conference the second, but item three, my Dad had to take that up with God.

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night (Psalms 1:2, KJV).

I heard a brother in our church mention one time that our “stuck-on-repeat” conundrum was really a purposefully programmed featured by our Creator. Yes, it comes in handy when you’re trying to remember a to-do list, and less welcomed when you’re trying to hum your way out of an annoying song. But, we have it for one true purpose—to remember and meditate on the Word of God all day and night, on infinite repeat, over and over again.

This may not sound like the best human quality, especially if you’ve spent the last month in Disney rehab trying to detox from “Let it Go.” But, God created us with the ability to remember His Word, so it can shape and frame our every thought and action.

When I get a song stuck in my head, not only am I thinking about it all day long, but I speak it (when answering a question, type it as a part of an email correspondence, text it on my phone, and yes—drift into humming the song at some point during my day. You read the beginning of this post, right? (I am my father’s daughter.)

But, how awesome is this feature when we use it the right way, with God’s Word? His Word consumes our thoughts and becomes the first thing we think about, the first thing we say, or how we craft our responses. The Words transform into a song of praise and thanksgiving to our God all day long. This is how His praise can continually be upon our lips (Psalms 34:1).

And my favorite part—it exudes from us subconsciously. When you have that much of God inside, it can’t help but escape. We might not be aware of it, but our coworkers notice, our families notice, our classmates notice, and all the world will notice. And His Word will never embarrass us!

Let your internal record-player run on endless repeat today. Get “stuck” on the Word of God and let it manifest in every area of your life again and again.