Mind the Gap

by APC on April 22, 2020

In 1969, the London Underground coined the phrase “mind the gap.” This phrase, when uttered, was to remind (and warn) public transit system passengers to pay attention to the space between the cement platform and the train itself. Too many Tube-riders were distracted by other stimuli, failed to pay attention, and fell down onto the railway tracks. Countless lives were lost due to lack of awareness.

The London Underground understood an essential fact—we must pay attention to the space between where we are standing and where we want to (or should) go. The pathway in front of us is not always paved. It’s not always a sturdy platform. It’s incredibly dangerous, and potentially life-threatening, when we don’t pay attention to what’s missing. We must mind the gap.

Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God (II Corinthians 7:1, KJV).

This simple warning to “mind the gap” is an awareness we should have in every part of our lives. The most important gap we must be conscious of is the gap between ourselves and the Lord of glory. God is infinite. His greatness, power, authority, righteousness, goodness, mercy, etc. far surpasses our own. To say there is a gap between us and God, is the understatement of the century.

Scripture admonishes us to be perfect as our God in heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48). Because there is a gap in our state of perfection compared to the Lords, Scripture instructs us to perfect our holiness—to get better, to mature, to labor in our spiritual growth to close that gap.

Life is crazy. We’re running from point A to point B, trying to make it to work on time, ensuring the kids have their homework done, and remembering to turn off the coffeemaker. Our eyes are glued to our phones, glancing up occasionally at the world around us. Basically, we don’t have the time, nor the capacity, to mind the gaps in life—least of all the gigantic gorge in our spiritual one. But, we must mind the gap.

Just as the London Underground has automated the phrase “mind the gap,” and inundates its riders day-in and day-out to please, watch their step, God is doing the same to us today. He’s sending the message to us through His Word and spiritual leaders to mind our spiritual gap. He’s asking us to reflect in prayer over our spiritual status. He has promised to be the lamp unto our feet and light unto our path. His desire is to help us make it to the next leg of the journey—to take one step closer to Him and close that ever-present gap between us and Him.

If we don’t mind the gap, we’ll risk our spiritual lives. If we don’t drive onward to perfection in holiness, we may not make Heaven our home. We can’t be too busy to see the ever-widening gap between us and our Savior. He’s given us the ability to notice and close that gap. We must mind the gap today.

Let’s all listen to this simple reminder: mind the gap. There isn’t any gap too large that God can’t shore up in seconds. That’s the easy part. The hard part is noticing the gap and desiring to close or step over it and get to the One who loves us more than Himself. See where you are today and then where God wants you to be. Mind the gap, and take a step.